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Eloqua System Status

28 Posts authored by: Eloqua_Mike -Oracle


20:09 EDT

The issue of not being able to save assets seems to be resolved. We are still investigating the issue to ensure that it is indeed resolved and to isolate the root cause.


We are currently experiencing an issue wherein assets can not be saved within the application. E10 customers will experience a timeout error. For E9 clients the asset will seem to save but no save is actually made. Our Systems team is actively investigating the issue. Updates to follow.


20:12 EDT

The issue has been resolved. We were able to identify and by-pass faulty network hardware.



17:54 EDT

Our Production Team is still reviewing this incident. We have made some progress in way of identifying possible root causes and will continue to strive for a resolution, as such, we currently don't have an ETA. We have also upgraded this to severity 2 as we recognize this has impacted some client's ability to Send Email. For those who have reported the issue with our Support Team, we are evaluating solutions to help get those Emails sent. We will continue to keep everyone updated.



We are currently experiencing a severity 3 issue within the Eloqua application. Due to internal network connectivity issues, some services are failing intermittently.  This includes (but is not limited to) email and data import/exports.  Our team is working diligently to resolve the issues; however, we do not currently have an estimated time of repair. Updates on our progress will be forthcoming.


14:00 EDT

We have fixed the issue related to links on campaign canvas.  Please now continue to edit and build campaigns.  You will notice that the visual links for emails to landing pages and landing pages to forms, will no longer appear.  We are working on a fix for this, and will update customers once it is confirmed.  Your campaigns will not be affected by the absence of these visual links.


Our apologies for this issue.  We will follow-up with more details as we review root cause.


12:24 EDT

The fix mentioned in the resolution below is in the process of being pushed to production. I will update this post once that has been done.


FAQ Added below


We have confirmed an issue related to campaign canvas.  Campaigns with "visual links" between emails to landing pages OR landing pages to forms that have been opened and saved since our service pack on Sunday October 14th, could have other steps in the campaign improperly link.  This could negatively impact the flow of contacts through any active campaigns that have gone through this process.



We advise not to edit or save any campaigns until we implement a fix. If you have saved any campaigns since the Sunday rollout that meet this condition, please double check them to ensure the links are setup correctly.



We expect to have a fix implemented by 12:00PM EST (noon), but this fix will remove the ability to see "visual linking" from emails to landing pages and landing pages to forms until a secondary fix is done at a later time.  Your campaigns will not be affected without these "visual links" during this period.




QUESTION: What do you mean by visual link?

ANSWER: These are the links that connect emails to landing pages and landing pages to forms (see below)


Inline image 3


QUESTION: Does that mean if I have saved a campaign since Sunday October 14th, and I now notice the links in other steps are wrong, that contacts could have gone down the wrong path in the campaign?

ANSWER: Yes some contacts could have flowed down the wrong steps, you should correct the campaign but not edit or save any other campaigns


QUESTION: Can I edit campaigns without landing pages or emails or forms with visual linking?

ANSWER: Until the fix is implemented (12:00PM EST noon), we recommend not editing or saving any campaigns


QUESTION: What if I just preview a campaign but I haven't edited it or saved it since Sunday?

ANSWER: That campaign will not be affected.


QUESTION: How can this happen?

ANSWER: We are working on implementing a fix ASAP, but will review root cause and ensure to get back to our customers


8:34 EDT

We have implemented a fix that has now resolved this issue, and emails are able to be sent via the batch wizard now.



We are currently experiencing an issue where the batch wizard in E9 is not completing. It is hanging on step two of the batch wizard. It is possible to use Program Builder to deploy emails but not the batch wizard. This is being investigated currently and updates will follow as we work towards a resolution.


Below is a video describing how to use program builder to send out emails in the interim.


Also here is a link, if needed, for converting distribution lists to contact lists:


10/16/12 11:53 am EDT


This issue has been resolved as additional services were added.



10/16/12 12:04 am EDT


We are currently working through a backlog where contact uploads and autosynchs are processing slower than normal. We continue to actively investigate this situation, and will update this thread accordingly when new information becomes available. In parallel, we will be adding additional services to help process the remaining queue.


Thank you for your patience.


16:33 EDT

The backlog of email batches has now cleared and email services are running at optimal speeds.



15:18 EDT

The backlog of email batches has now decreased and email services are nearly running at optimal speeds.


We are currently experiencing a backlog of batch sends. The latency is approximately 30 minutes.


12:19 EDT


Batch compiling taking a longer than usual time to compile. We are investigating this issue currently and will update as we discover more.




9:32 EDT

The hanging batch wizard issue has been resolved. Batches will deploy as expected now. Issue of root cause to follow.



The email batch wizard in E9 is hanging at step 2 and does not complete. We are currently investigating this issue and will update this thread as details become available.


12:00 EDT

This issue would have caused any non-secure links to includes form submissions and visitor tracking) to fail intermittently and as a result would have been lost. These would NOT be recoverable. Not all clicks or submissions during this time would have failed, only a small percentage.



11:18 EDT


Due to a config issue that occurred starting at 10:27 non-branded/non-secure app links were failing. This has been resolved as of 11:10 EDT and we are undergoing an investigation to determine the impact. updates to follow.


We are currently experiencing an issue with non-branded / non secure application links. These links include the view this email online link and form submissions. We are currently investigating this issue and will provide updates as they become available.


9/12/12 6:30 pm EDT


As an update to the earlier post on performance issues, we have implemented a fix, and will be continuously monitoring and optimizing the system over the next few days.  We apologize for any impact on using the application.



17:30 EDT


The Eloqua Application is stil experiencing intermittent slowness. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Updates to follow.




We are experiencing slowness in the application and are actively looking into it. Updates to follow.


12:18 EDT

In order to clear the cache please see the below link to WikiHow and choose the instructions for your particular browser for screenshots of how to action the clearing of your cache.


How to Clear Your Browser's Cookies (Windows or Mac) - wikiHow



11:18 EDT

Performance issues should now be resolved. Should you still receive errors or should pop-ups not work please flush your cache and restart your browser. If you are still experiencing performance issues after following the latter prescribed steps, please contact support with details so we can further investigate any potentially lingering issues. Root cause and further info to follow.



11:18 EDT

We are still actively working to resolve this issue that now at times will cause an Eloqua Security Error to be returned. Update on resolution and root cause to be forthcoming.



10:53 EDT

Intermittent performance degradation. Eloqua is currently working on identifying the root cause and resolution. Updates to follow.



Potential system slowness occurring. We are actively investigating this issue. Updates to follow.

**Update** 14:51**


The Eloqua application has not gone down today, the issue is a current internet outage affecting many ISPs in North America. As a result depending on the routing some websites will fail to resolve.



**Update** 14:28 EDT


A small subset of customers are experiencing problems connecting to the Platform. We believe this to be a routing problem and are trying to determine which areas are affected. Still under investigation and updates will follow.


We area currently experiencing a potential issue for external logins to the Eloqua application. We are actively investigating both the issue and the affected clients. Updates will follow as we learn more.


The server has been restored and the slowness issue is now resolved.


We are currently experiencing an issue with one of our servers. As a result, those whose instances reside on the server will experience some application slowness. We are actively working to resolve the issue and updates will be made available here as we get them.


The application slowness issue has been resolved. The slowness was a result of abnormal web traffic. The slowness duration was from 10:44 EDT to 11:00 EDT


The application is currently extremely slow and may time out while loading. Updates to follow.


20:56 EDT


Eloqua University is back online and accessible.


18:27 EDT

The Eloqua University website is currently unavailable. Access to to course calendar and exams and e-learning will be unavailable during this time. Updates to follow as we work to resolve this issue.


10:55 EDT

The Application slowness which began July 10, 2012 5:00 AM EDT (Estimated) was resolved at July 10, 2012 6:47AM EDT was a result of a server failure.



6:50 EDT

Application is back to its normal performance. If you are experiencing continued slowness please call our support line. Eloqua Insight is still down and being tracked in its own post.


We are currently experiencing slowness within the application. We are actively investigating this, and updates will be posted as they become available.

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