There are a number of laws and regulations that dictate how organizations are allowed to market their products and services. These regulations include what organizations can say about their products and services as well as their competitors and their products.  They also regulate how often organizations can market by e-mail, their use of the internet, and what information can be collected as well as how it's used.  This can become a virtual landmine for marketers and they must partner with their legal and compliance teams in order to navigate.  Many marketers ask, "What regulation and compliance research is required and what are the best sources of information?"


As we've seen in previous compliance posts, you cannot take a set-it-and-forget approach to compliance.  To successfully meet compliance objectives, marketers must commit to developing a culture with compliance as a focus.  This requires a consistent effort to align with compliance and legal team.  It also demands marketers make the effort to research and elf-educate on regulations affecting their communications. 13-Compliance.png


As Ryan Coats stated, "I like to start at the source of the policy or regulation.  Going to the governing entity's website usually gets you the key requirements for compliance. Not sure who the governing body is? Google is your friend, especially if you know the law or legislation you're researching.  Once you've gathered the key requirements you can look for other sources to augment your understanding, or as I usually find, give you information in simple and easier to understand terminology."


If you don't have a specific policy or regulation you're researching you can approach compliance proactively by leveraging industry experts like SiriusDecisions, MarketingSherpa and Gartner as well as many local and regional groups.  Here are 30 additional compliance resources for marketers.


National Business Group on Health

Global Business Group on Health

American Bankers Association Compliance Resources



Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRC)

Regulatory Compliance Association

IT Governance, Risk & Compliance

Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA)

Risk, Audit, and Compliance Executives (RACE)

cGMP Compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Insurance Legal/Compliance Professionals

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Which compliance resources would you add to this list?