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How did you all do this year on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Some large retailers saw their site crash so it was a really good season this year for some. Do you find yourselves in tune with these results?


What worked for you? Tell me about your campaigns!  I'd love to see some examples!


~ Vickie ~

Blog writers and content marketing managers, campaign managers, this is for you.


How much attention do you put into writing your pre-header text? Are you using these best practices or do you have other tricks in your bag?


Increase Your Email Open Rates via Pre-Header Text Optimization | HealthLink Dimensions


What do you think about the recommendations from this article?




The following "best practices" are designed to have an immediate and noticeable impact on your campaign performance.

Step 1: Keep the Pre-Header Text Short

You are working with limited space in the inbox, so like the subject line, less is more in this instance.  Due to the fact the # of characters supported varies with each email client try to keep it under 70 characters to be safe.

Additional support for brevity can be seen in the differences across email clients (particularly mobile email clients):

  • Pre-header text in the Gmail app displays right after the subject line.
  • iPhone 6 Plus Mail app renders up to three lines of pre-header text.
  • Windows phones only show 40 characters before cutting off the message.


Step 2: Treat Pre-Header Text as an "Extended Subject Line."

Be specific and to the point.  Emphasize the call-to-action (or secondary CTA) and focus on additional compelling information.  Sum up the email, but avoid being repetitive.

Step 3: Pack In Those Strategic Keywords!

Keep character limitations in mind, and pack the beginning of your preview text with keywords and phrases that perform. You'll want the"good stuff" to show up in clients that may cut characters.

Some companies like to include a unique CTA here that compels the reader to open and engage the content of the email.

Step 4: Create A/B Test Versions of Your Pre-header in Addition to Your Subject Line.

I cannot emphasize how important subject-line testing is, but an often overlooked area of opportunity resides in the ability to test pre-headers as well.  This could make that "extra" bit of difference -- compelling your subscribers to open the email, and increasing the overall reach of your campaign.