The Vanguard Group partnered with the Spectrem Group to release a research overview, "Today's Affluent Investors: insights and opportunities".  This report contains 36 pages of fantastic content around better servicing your clients. Below are 11 key takeaways from this report.


  1. Response times remain crucial. Communication expectations remain a key component of client loyalty. 
  2. Social media is on the rise. According to those surveyed, half use Facebook and 40% use LinkedIn.  YouTube is the most popular social channel used for financial purposes.  Explore how to use the channel, while remaining compliant.
  3. When selecting an advisor, personal brand is more important than fees and commissions charged. Demonstrating honesty and trustworthiness is the most important factor.  You must align your brand and value proposition with the needs of your clients.
  4. Transparency and communication rank second.  High net worth clients want advisors who will collaborate and keep them well informed. 10-Stocks_Numbers_Fall_Red_MI600.jpg
  5. Deliver the content they want. According to the study, clients want to understand how current political issues will affect their finances.  This type of content should be incorporated into your firm communications.  Identify opportunities for content curration.
  6. Give them the content they don't know they need.  Provide educational content around diversification, international investing, and the changing tax landscape.
  7. Provide them the content that will put them at ease.  Health, and the impact of their health on their finances and family, is a top concern of clients.  Inquire and plan around varying health scenarios, life transitions, and family dynamics.
  8. Plan for Millenials. Millenials will inherit, and generate, future wealth.  Develop content that addresses their needs and concerns around retirement planning and aging parents.  Adjust your communication strategy to reach these clients.  Social media will continue to become more prevalent.
  9. Be proactive, not reactive. Top reason for firing an advisor include not returning phone calls, not responding to emails, and not reaching out regularly.  The Vanguard Group points out a timely response is faster than you might think. Leverage tools to be proactive in your communications.
  10. Deliver one to many, and one to one communications.  One to one communications should be at least quarterly and one to many communications may be more frequent.  When in doubt, ask your client.
  11. Leverage all communication channels.  Seize every opportunity to create a positive client experience.  Look at better utilizing account statements, face-to-face meetings, financial plans, newsletters, and blogs.


What additional client service opportunities do you see in the financial services space?

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