It is no surprise that marketing is not a one-size fits all concept.  However, we see time and again the same strategies being played out across companies of all sizes and industries, without stopping to peel back what drives action among consumers.  We aren?t just talking about white papers vs. banner ads.  This happens at an even higher level.  What trends are happening within your industry that are challenging market conditions? Have your consumers? behaviors changed in last 6/12/18 months?  Even if you have this information, how do you update your marketing strategy to address these changes?

At Modern Marketing Experience 2014 experts from National Instruments, Dow, and Jackson Healthcare shared their expertise on researching industry trends and developing new marketing best practices to help clients adapt more quickly to an ever-changing modern marketing landscape.  They discussed ways marketing automation planning differs between industries, how to research target markets using the latest social tools and outbound client conversations, how to convert recognized industry trends into new automated nurture campaigns, how to identify third party functionality required to optimize campaigns within your industry, and how to create industry advocates to help promote your product/service to their peers.

Their takeaways can be found in the SlideShare below.