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I have been doing a lot of research lately, especially on the APAC market. Fascinating to say the least! I thought I'd save you hours and hours by sharing my top reading list:


Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 - Reports - World Economic Forum (Ten of the Best Supply Chains in Asia Pacific)

Are Manufacturers Mastering Community Development?
How to Manufacture an Increase in Product Registrations
7 Tactics to Enhance Your Channel Partner Recruitment Efforts
How To See Greater Returns On Your Sampling and Trial Investments
Best Practices For Increasing Up-sell and Cross-sell Opportunities
One of Marketing Automation's Most Seasoned Manufacturing Customers Shares Their Secrets to Success
Best Practices for Enabling Your Channel Partners
How Manufacturers Can Maximize Their Agency Investments
An End-To-End Framework for Manufacturing Tradeshows
How to Align Your Social Strategy With Your Channel
How 3 Manufacturers Are Achieving Demand Insight
How to Win More than a Seat, But Also a Voice, At the Table
How Avid Is Selling the Invisible
Are Customers Retooling the Manufacturing Model?
Is the Customer Buried in the Manufacturing Value Chain?
Are You Capturing Customer Feedback, or the Voice of the Customer, to Drive R&D?
The Evolution of Manufacturing Content Engagement
Is it Time to Remanufacture Your Marketing Practices?
Do You Measure Event Success By Your Stack of Business Cards? How Manufacturers Can Measure Event Engagement
5 Website Improvements Manufacturers Can Make This Quarter
15 Manufacturing Marketing Benchmark Metrics
Manufacturing Ecommerce; Focus on the Customers You Want
How Do Manufacturers Prepare for Business Cycle and Economic Downturns?
Where Manufacturers Are Investing In Their Customer Relationship Programs
The Seasonal Cure for Resource Constraints; Developing a Marketing Intern Program
Are Manufacturers Overinvesting in Process and Under-investing in Human Capital?  6 Sales Enablement Practices for Manufacturing
Manufacturers Must Deliver a Content Experience That Aligns With The Digital Journey
Value is in the Eye of the Beholder; Demonstrating the Value of Your Marketing Technology Investment
Developing an Industrial Digital Advertising Strategy
Jidoka; A Marketing Project Close-Out Opportunity
Manufacturing Marketers Unite: Steps To Developing A Marketing Analytics Task Force
How Manufacturers Can Close the Loop On RFQ and Project Bid Opportunities
Economic Indicators for Manufacturing; Make Your Move in 2016-2018
6 Practices to Unify CEU Programs with Sales and Marketing Efforts
11 Best Practices for Developing a Manufacturing Aftersale Campaign
Product Registration is Not Just a Form, It’s a Channel
Lost In Translation: Are You Speaking The Same Language As Sales?
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