Ever wonder just how many MQLs you'll need to generate in order to meet the revenue goals of your CEO?


Do you know how many Sales Accepted Leads will you need to generate?


These and other questions can be answered in less than a minute using the attached handy dandy Revenue Goal Funnel Calculator. It basically works the funnel backwards for you, so you can see just what it will take to meet your revenue goals at each stage of the funnel.


Simply fill in the fields in yellow and see the results instantly!


To get accurate numbers, you will need the following:


  • The overall revenue goal set by the CEO
  • Your average revenue per deal
  • Your company's conversion rate at each stage of the funnel.


Playing with the conversion rates is extremely insightful and makes it easy to pinpoint where in the funnel you should focus your conversion improvements.


Give it a spin! It beats napkin math!


To download the spreadhseet, click on the attachment below my signature.


Steve Kellogg

Eloqua Certified Best Practices Consultant