For many years we've heard from our customers that there must be a better way then manually passing data back and forth from a webinar provider to Eloqua in order to track the results and have new leads be sent to sales. Marketers have enough to do during the day then to be spending their time in Excel transferring data back and forth from system to system. Enter Eloqua's Cloud Connectors. Eloqua Cloud Connectors allow for systems to more easily integrate with Eloqua via simple interfaces. All of the tricky technical gook (aka - the API) is hidden.


One of our first customers to experiment with the WebEx Cloud Connector is Vertafore and they've had some great initial results. Vertafore is a leading provider of software for insurance with solutions designed to boost productivity, lower costs, and help you grow your business. Nichole Marsano, Vertafore's Marketing Automation Manager, presented an examaple of a campaign that she executed at a recent Seattle Eloqua Success Tour and I've summarized this presentation below.


Vertafore's Challenges:


Vertafore found online event management to be very time intensive and a manual process before implementing the WebEx Cloud Connector. Vertafore was using WebEx to create its landing pages and then manually exporting the registration information and importing it into Eloqua to send post-event follow up emails and to have the possible leads sent to sales via Eloqua's integration with While WebEx has some powerful landing page tools, there are a few limitations:

  • Landing page customization is very limited. The landing pages built through WebEx look very different then the rest of the Vertafore website. This can cause confusion for possible registrants and reduce conversions
  • An easy way to increase form conversion is to pre-populate the fields on the landing page when someone clicks on the registration link from an email. This type of pre-population is not possible with a WebEx landing page when someone clicks on a link from an invite email sent from Eloqua.
  • Having WebEx collect the registration information means that you're siloing the activity data that your database is generating that can be used for lead scoring. All of this data which makes up your customer's digital body language, should be collected in a central database in order to have a complete picture of your database.
  • People that registered via an Eloqua form may actually use a different email address when signing on for the webinar. This resulted in sending a post-webinar email with incorrect messaging as it seemed that the the registrant didn't actually attend the event.


The Solution


Vertafore built out a webinar campaign that uses the following process:


  • Use Eloqua to send the invitation emails
  • The emails contain a call to action that links to a landing page with an Eloqua integrated form to meet branding requirements. Form details are pre-populated to increase conversions
  • Once the form is submitted, Eloqua passes registrations to WebEx via the Cloud Connector
  • WebEx receives the registrants and sends the confirmation and reminder emails with the unique WebEx ID
  • Once the event starts, attendees who click on the link to attend the webinar have a short WebEx form that is pre-populated with their contact information (to mitigate the risk of attendees entering a different email)
  • Once the event is over, Eloqua receives the event attendee information from WebEx via the Cloud Connector and sends a "Thanks for attending" email for those that spent over 5 minutes in the webinar and a "Sorry we missed you" email to those that spent under 5 minutes at the webinar.


The key to the streamlined process was the creation of a program in Eloqua's Program Builder that uses the WebEx Cloud Connector. See the screenshot below of this program.



The Results


Vertafore has already demonstrated some fantastic results based on this new streamlined process:

  • Becuase leads were passed back to Eloqua from WebEx seamlessly, they were sent to Eloqua on the same day as the webinar. This drastically reduced the time that it took for Lead Generation Reps to follow up with all qualified leads
  • The entire process built confidence with sales becuase the leads were passed on in a timely manner
  • Vertafore has generated sales opportunities based on these campaigns



Here are some examples from the campaign:


The webinar landing page that is integrated with Eloqua:

6-23-2011 7-03-03 PM.png


This is the confirmation email sent from WebEx:

6-24-2011 3-19-07 PM.png


The following program automates the entire process:

6-24-2011 3-21-44 PM.png


For more information on configuring this Cloud Connector, download it from Eloqua's AppCloud and check out:

WebEx and Eloqua Integration - Webinars as source of Digital Body Language