Hi everyone - Justina here.  I just interviewed Janet Hart, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations at Blackbaud out of Charleston, SC. Let's hear and see (check out the video) what drives Janet.


Janet Hart

Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations, Blackbaud




What’s your favorite part about being a marketer or about the discipline of marketing?


Designing something and seeing it work. Looking at all the stats and seeing the hard work payoff. I also like it when the marketing sponsor of a campaign is logging in all night /early morning to see how well the campaign is going and being excited about it.


What steps led you to your role today?


I started out with a Marketing Degree, but ended up working in a chemistry lab with lasers. I do like science and precision, so that role was great, but then I worked in channel sales (what a transition). I guess the science and precision of details were always there and that lead me to marketing operations.


I guess that’s why her LinkedIn profile summary says, “Focus on business forensics- finding the action in data that shapes what's next.”


Where do you go for inspiration and new ideas?

Lots of tweets and blogs. I like the Marketing Sherpa blog and data they put out. Also, the marketing team at Blackbaud has a summer book club. We’ve read “I Love You More Than My Dog”, which is all about customer loyalty. I have 9 books on my desk right now!


Have you seen a great marketing campaign recently that really blew you away?

I love the Apple branding campaigns. They’re always so clean and compelling. Of course I like our own new Summer School campaign that we just launched - 3 weeks after our SmartStart. It consists of 20 unique emails, 2 forms and 6 programs.


Justina: I would say this is automation at its best. Take a look (featuring Shannon Williams of the Blackbaud Marketing Operations Team)



What’s your favorite thing about Eloqua (either the product or the company)?

There are so many things. First, the Customer Success Manager role is great. The training and process have been wonderful. We started taking classes the day after we signed our agreement! We loved our trainer Mindy. She was so good!  The Eloqua company and the community they have built is so active and so supportive. I feel like we will be very successful.


Can you share one thing on your ‘bucket list’?

To go to the Galapagos Islands. Maybe on my 40th.

Justina: Great idea Janet, can I go with you!