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Integrating CMS and Marketing Automation platforms can help improve customer engagement and acquisition, driving leads and enhancing your demand generation strategy. Here are five steps to help you leverage these platforms and start delivering informed, sales-ready leads.




Demand generation remains a top priority among B2B organizations.




By now, most enterprise-level organizations are leveraging Web content management systems and marketing automation systems to help drive their lead generation strategies.




However, many enterprises continue to operate these two platforms separately, in their own unique silos, not realizing that CMS and marketing automation platforms work extremely well together.




By leveraging the strengths of both platforms together, organizations stand to see significant improvements in their demand generation activities.




Here are five steps to generating highly qualified leads using an integrated web content management and marketing automation platform (MAP):




1. Leverage Analytics Data


Both your CMS and your MAP return analytics information based on your prospects’ behavior. How did they find your Web site? Which links did they click, what pages did they visit? How much time did they spend on this page?




When this information is kept in separate silos, it’s valuable… but integrating this data together can help you create a much more complete view of a prospect.




2. Segment Based on Behavior


Once you’ve established a better understanding how visitors behave, you can segment them based on that behavior.




Leveraging the visitor data gathered by your CMS and MAP platforms, you can determine who your visitors are, and in turn, segment them into groups based on industries, company size, roles, common pain points or motivators.




3. Deliver Valuable, Relevant Content


The content a prospect sees can make the difference between a “bounce” and a lead; thus, what each segment sees must be relevant.




Your MAP can push the visitor into the right bucket, and your CMS can deliver the right content. For example, if the visitor is looking at a specific product, the CMS can push a link to a demo of that product to a dynamically delivered sidebar.




4. Deliver Content At the Right Time


The data collected by your CMS and MAP platforms can help you understand prospects, and can also help you understand where the customer is in the buying cycle. In turn, this helps you determine the ideal time to deliver the ideal content.




Is the prospect still in the “research” phase? Your CMS can push use a dynamically generated Web page to register for a White Paper to them. Are they already engaged, but still not sure? Your MAP can deliver a personalized e-mail calling them to action.




5. Use all Available Channels


Today’s CMS platforms include blogging tools, multimedia (video, slideshows, PDFs) content publishing tools, and more. And of course, your MAP can handle e-mail campaigns.




All of these channels can be useful in keeping prospects engaged as you move them through the buying cycle, but it’s important to keep your messaging consistent across all methods of communication. If your Web CMS and your MAP are in separate silos, you might be sending inconsistent messages, or too much repetition of the same message, both of which are surefire ways to drive a customer away.






Content management systems and marketing automation platforms are proven solutions for B2B demand generation. Working together, these platforms are even more effective. By leveraging their data, segmenting visitors, and delivering relevant content at the right time, across all channels, you’ve gained an understanding of your prospect that will help you lead them down the sales path, and allow you to deliver a highly qualified lead to your sales team.


RSVPs Made Easy

Posted by heatherfoeh Aug 31, 2011

Last week I received an event invitation from our friends at Cvent for their Dreamforce '11 party. As a big proponent of the concept of the "Eloqua9: Trigger multiple actions with an email click-through (via "blind form submit")" (or "hidden form submit") I was quite pleased to see their use of it. It made my RSVP process very smooth and easy! With their permission I'm showing a screenshot of my invitation and the handy links that use this feature:




Wondering how you can do this? Read all about it here on Topliners: Eloqua9: Trigger multiple actions with an email click-through (via "blind form submit")  -- or --  Eloqua10: Trigger multiple actions with an email click-through (via "blind form submit"). Then share your results and maybe a screenshot or two when you implement. We'd love to hear about it!

Content marketing has become a vital component of the overall marketing mix; in fact, up to 33% of marketing budgets are now being spent on content. On top of this, conversions are dropping – according to ComScore, “clickers” represented only 16% of Web users in 2009, compared to 32% in 2007.

So if everyone is offering content, and there are fewer buyers, then clearly content on its own is not enough to differentiate you. You can produce all the content in the world, but if it’s not relevant to your prospects and customers, it’s just noise.


But when you fully engage with prospects, and take the time to understand their mission, goals, and values, then the content you deliver will ultimately be that much stronger. Your ability to align your marketing expertise with the customer’s needs becomes your key differentiator.


Unified Customer Engagement

Some prospects might have a very clear vision of what they want; in that case, lucky you, they just made your job easier. But more often than not, it’ll be up to you to help customers streamline their content goals. They may not always be able to sum it up in one tidy sentence; it requires personal interaction on your part, to understand their priorities, what they want, and what they need. This interaction can and should occur across multiple channels – phone calls, e-mails, Web sites, sales.


Of course, these efforts might require more commitment during the early part of the sales cycle than you’re used to. It might seem like a lot of effort, without any guarantee of a close. But in making that commitment, you’re showing the prospect that you’re not just shoving them into a queue and creating some generic marketing fluff – you’re demonstrating your commitment to providing the best content for them.

It might take longer to close the sale, but an engaged prospect – one who is confident that you can deliver content that speaks directly to what he or she needs – becomes that much more likely to sign on the dotted line.And the more qualified, more sales-ready leads you can deliver to your sales force, the better.


Context-Driven Marketing

eDynamic has identified four steps to successfully engaging clients in order to deliver content that meets and exceeds expectations:

  1. Employ a closed-loop engagement cycle: Build a profile of the prospect; analyze it; and respond to the prospect in their language.
  2. Characterize prospect: Properties include buying cycle state and segmentation parameters.
  3. Develop content to align with the prospect expectations: Content that speaks directly to the prospect profile, with a consistent message.
  4. Automate the closed-loop prospect engagement: Use a content management system and marketing automation platforms to automate the engagement cycle, creating an effective process for engaging all future prospects.


Know your Prospect, Deliver Value

Without intelligence – learning about the customer, establishing a high level understanding of what their digital footprint is and should be – you’ll deliver one of two things: Either typical, unoriginal content; or content with a piecemeal, fractured, inconsistent message. But when you’ve put the time and effort into engaging and understanding your clients, you’ll deliver original content, uniquely suited to that customer’s needs and priorities, which will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Kimberly Prescott, Sr. Manager of Lead Management at Intermec, recently agreed to an interview with us on a recent Power Hour about the steps she has taken to achieve great things using Eloqua.  You can view that interview here: Intermec's Journey to Marketing Automation Success


Kimberly has also entered the Markie awards this year highlighting the achievements that Intermec has accomplished this year. Here's more about Kimberly, the driving force behind this success at Intermec:


What’s your favorite part about being a marketer or about the discipline of marketing?

The innovation of technology and automation and how that shapes the metrics for measuring success.


What steps led you to your role today?

15 Years of senior marketing experience as a Director and VP, I realized marketing technology will change the face of marketing. I have always been on the cutting edge of technology and feel I have embraced this new medium once again. Social Media and marketing automation will forever change our lives moving forward.


Where do you go for inspiration and new ideas?

I go to other users of Eloqua and marketing automation. I go to our field sales and marketing teams for their desires and goals. Then, I work to bring automation to enhance operations and further define metrics allowing for better strategic decision making. I am always open to new ideas, thoughts and collections. Social media, various user groups and TopLiners gives a great view of the world.


What’s your favorite thing about Eloqua (either the product or the company)?

The level of service and support. In achieving our goals… I think the level of service and support makes Eloqua easy to do business with. There have been times where my team and I venture into unknown territory and the support team not only helps, but will teach us what we need to know in order to get the job done. For example, in June of this year we used the event module for the first time. We had three people helping us understand all the ins and outs and figuring out why the automated emails weren’t working for us. It ended up being a learning curve, yes operator error, but in the end, having that support was priceless.


Can you share one thing on your ‘bucket list’?

Yes, one thing on my bucket list is to find a really cool motorcycle…a really sleek one like a nice Harley, get on it and ride all over the country without any time constraints or direction. Just go where the wind blows and experience each state in all its glory. Just sounds wild and fun…that’s all.


Thanks, Kimberly!  I hope to see you on stage at the Markies Awards this year!

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