Kimberly Prescott, Sr. Manager of Lead Management at Intermec, recently agreed to an interview with us on a recent Power Hour about the steps she has taken to achieve great things using Eloqua.  You can view that interview here: Intermec's Journey to Marketing Automation Success


Kimberly has also entered the Markie awards this year highlighting the achievements that Intermec has accomplished this year. Here's more about Kimberly, the driving force behind this success at Intermec:


What’s your favorite part about being a marketer or about the discipline of marketing?

The innovation of technology and automation and how that shapes the metrics for measuring success.


What steps led you to your role today?

15 Years of senior marketing experience as a Director and VP, I realized marketing technology will change the face of marketing. I have always been on the cutting edge of technology and feel I have embraced this new medium once again. Social Media and marketing automation will forever change our lives moving forward.


Where do you go for inspiration and new ideas?

I go to other users of Eloqua and marketing automation. I go to our field sales and marketing teams for their desires and goals. Then, I work to bring automation to enhance operations and further define metrics allowing for better strategic decision making. I am always open to new ideas, thoughts and collections. Social media, various user groups and TopLiners gives a great view of the world.


What’s your favorite thing about Eloqua (either the product or the company)?

The level of service and support. In achieving our goals… I think the level of service and support makes Eloqua easy to do business with. There have been times where my team and I venture into unknown territory and the support team not only helps, but will teach us what we need to know in order to get the job done. For example, in June of this year we used the event module for the first time. We had three people helping us understand all the ins and outs and figuring out why the automated emails weren’t working for us. It ended up being a learning curve, yes operator error, but in the end, having that support was priceless.


Can you share one thing on your ‘bucket list’?

Yes, one thing on my bucket list is to find a really cool motorcycle…a really sleek one like a nice Harley, get on it and ride all over the country without any time constraints or direction. Just go where the wind blows and experience each state in all its glory. Just sounds wild and fun…that’s all.


Thanks, Kimberly!  I hope to see you on stage at the Markies Awards this year!