Content marketing is the art of understanding exactly what our customers need to know and delivering it to them in a relevant and compelling way. But the body of our content marketing strategy will take on its own unique form based on a number of factors: our specific goals, what our audience needs, the expertise we can share, learning-style preferences, available resources of time and money, and other factors. As we become more proficient in using Eloqua, it will demand more content for lead generation, lead nurturing and awareness building. We already have a wealth of content but need a process for accessing it to be used in new, re-purposed projects.


  • Get more value from every kind of Cincom content – thoughtful content takes time to create. A whitepaper or eBook can be broken down into smaller chunks and used in blogs, social media and campaigns. Likewise shorter content can be mashed with other short content to create a video, whitepaper, publicity, and social media. This saves Cincom the expense of writing totally new content for every project.

  • Repeat messages to generate greater awareness and message retention – experience validates that in most situations, content must be repeated as often as 8-10 times before a target audience finally sees how the message can help them and cause them to take action.

  • Consistent messaging at all touch points – too many different messages from one brand will confuse prospects about what the brand stands for. When the same message is repeated no matter what medium the prospect uses, then the needed focus and retention will occur faster. Increased exposure to a relevant message will pull more prospects to pipeline. A year ago we created a position for our Acquire product: Transform your company into a selling machine. We have driven this message consistently. Last week, I was encouraged when our Acquire Sales Manager walked up to a prospect at a trade show. The prospect recognized him and blurted, "I know who you are. I know what you do. I am sorry that I have not taken your calls. Let's set a meeting date."

  • Ability to personalize content to increase relevance – repurposing content for personalized messaging will increase likelihood that the targeted prospect will see or hear how we can help the prospect solve business problems. This can increase response rates and win rates.