We launched our first integrated marketing campaign program for field marketing this quarter. We leveraged industry best practices by ensuring we focused on a specific target audience, created content that spoke directly to their business problem and buying journey, then we added a little personalization, mixed it all together with a little personal touch by calling all the people who opened the email and finally, sprinkled some magic dust. The combination of this campaign has resulted in North American Field Marketing reaching their quarterly targets on November 30. How did we do this?


First, it all began with a simple little meeting of the minds. We met, we discussed how a field marketing plan could be automated. Then I drew really, silly pictures on the white board to illustrate how Eloqua works. Their eyes began to light up as they realized how much time would be saved. It was really quite fun.


Next, we went to work. Field marketing identified the market, the segment and the list they wanted to pull. We teamed with Marcom to create compelling copy that would drive results based on the buyers' journey. We launched the campaign and briefed the contact center who would be calling in a few days.


The result? Higher productivity, less stress, and oh, yeah, a whole bunch more leads converted. Yay. Thanks Eloqua for making our life easier.