At my company we have a clear separation between the marketing department and the lead generation department. This means that when marketing asks us to build an e-mail or form they don't really understand how we make it all happen. I didn't really think it made much difference but the other day I sat down with one of our field marketers and something interesting happened. She was asking me questions about how she could use Eloqua more effectively so I opened up Eloqua and started to show her. I showed what it looks like when we build and e-mail, the program builder and went through all the different sections. All the things I thought would be really boring to her she thought was really exciting. She went from being ok with sending blast emails to wanting to create nurturing programs. Now when I tell her I need to build and e-mail or form she understands why I sometimes can't make it happen in an hour. Oh and the reports! She saw a small portion of the reports and now she wants to see all the reports for her emails so she can start improving on them.


I think sharing what Eloqua looks like and how we are using with marketing somehow makes it more friendly for them to want to use it. It's no longer this big unknown, they know what it takes to get what they need done and it build respect between the teams.
So show off Eloqua to your marketing team, maybe it will build a feeling of teamwork.