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Why is revenue attribution so painful?


Because it's complicated.


Learn successful methodologies, what some other companies are doing, gotchas and best practices in this short but very informative video.


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Whether you are just dipping your toe into the revenue attribution waters, or you've a master scuba diver, share your adventures!


5-30-12 UPDATE: Eloqua will enable Custom Revenue Attribution for Express users in the June 2012 Release. This is great news!


Steve Kellogg

Eloqua Certified Marketing Automation Best Practices Consultant, Astadia

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We all know the promise of marketing automation – automated nurture campaigns, lead scoring technology and so on. Another use is behavioral targeting. By simply collecting data based on website visitors’ behavior, you have a host of information in which to create targeted campaigns.


We tested this theory with Ariba LIVE, our largest customer/prospect event of the year. Six weeks leading up to the event, we routed each “known contact” who visited an Ariba LIVE site into a nurture campaign. The campaign included four e-mails, sent every two weeks. As visitors entered the campaign, they were held until the next e-mail send. This allowed us to create specific messaging and discounts based on how close we were to the event date (ie. – the event is two weeks away!). Our first nurture e-mail was sent to 451 people; our last to 941. The list more than doubled over the six weeks.


We knew this audience was interested in our event because they visited the website page(s). And, that naturally translated into very high open rates for each e-mail – our first was 52%! The open rates did decline over time (e-mail #4 had a 35% open rate). We also saw a decline in click-through rates. The first two e-mails had double digit results, the second two declined to an average of 5%.


We did expect to see this decline - as the event neared, we assumed people knew whether or not they would be able to attend.


As for the results, of the 941 people included in the campaign, 113 registered!


Lesson learned – watch and respond to your prospect/customers’ behavior…through e-mail campaigns and other mediums.

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