Eloqua's out-of-the-box subscription options do a brilliant job of managing email subscriptions. If your company offers multiple types of email subscription choices, it can be challenging however to present all these in a way that doesn't overwhelm subscribers who actually take the time to manage their preferences. If the list is too long, subscribers tend to go right to the global unsubscribe option. If the options seem too hard to understand or manage, same thing.


In this short video I walk you through 2 great examples of custom email subscription preference pages that we recently helped develop for 2 high profile clients. We thank them for allowing us to showcase these.


Screenshot of Custom Sub Pref Center.jpg


The more products or services you have, the more countries you do business in and/or the more types of communications you offer, the tougher it is to get a good handle on managing subscription preferences in a way that supports not only your entire enterprise, but also the customer. Marketing Operations earns its keep on this one issue alone.


Have you executed a particularly successful custom subscription preference center?


Steve Kellogg

Eloqua Certified Marketing Automation Best Practices Consultant, Astadia

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