Update to the post: This campaign is now a finalist at the 2013 European Markie Awards for Most Creative European Marketing Campaign. Thus I'm also a able to release the name of the client, which is Atos. The campaign was for 2012 London Olympics. So proud of Team BBN


I recently created the most complex campaign I have ever managed. The campaign had to run on its own while our whole office was on vacation and creating it was a huge challenge.


The campaign included the following:

  • Welcome campaign with 3 segments all in 6 languages
  • 150 emails and 60 landing pages in 6 languages
  • 12 documents that triggered the different mailers
  • Webinar invitations, consultation offers etc.
  • 13 campaign canvases, all linked together creating a flow and activating on their own at different times during the holiday
  • New people entering different phases during the campaign
  • Complex form integrations and pre-populations between servers and many, many lines of Java


While I was trying to figure out how I could ever keep such a complex set together I figured out a couple of things that helped a lot and thought I could share.

  • Create a dummy canvas with all the elements and settings. Then create a Template and use that to make copies of the canvas. This eliminates human errors on mishaps - or copies them to all the other canvases
  • Using feeder canvases that include segments, filters and condition checks and enters the contacts to different canvases depending on the rules, keep the actual campaign clutter free and easier to visualize.
  • Print all the finished canvases and pin them on a whiteboard. Draw lines to dependent canvases. Use different color for conditional flows to nurturing.
  • Be symmetrical. When the canvas elements are all lined up in rows and columns you can easily spot if for example there’s a connection missing between mailers, landing pages and forms.


Creating the campaign I experienced numerous moments of despair, success, inspiration and pride. Nothing even remotely like this could have never been possible without Eloqua and especially to a marketing professional with no IT training.


You can read more about the campaigns form structure (19 languages, 418 forms) from our system architects article.




     The Canvas from Hell