Texas Holdem' Poker is a beloved Finnish Christmas tradition (ok, not really) so in ID BBN we decided to create an online poker game using Eloqua.


Our goal was to collect information about our Eloqua prospects.

To achieve this, we created a poker game in which you had to answer background questions (bet) about your company. The more questions you answered, the better the prizes.


First we created an email invitation for our clients, partners and best leads to play a little poker and win some prizes (Canon SLR camera, Amazon gift certificates and stevewoods's e-books).


  • In the first step players were shown three of the the dealers five cards, but not their own and asked if they wanted to play. If they did, all they had to do is confirm their email.
  • In the the second step they had already won Steve's Digital Body Language -book. In this step they had a choice to fold and take the book or "bet" their marketing database size. If they answered the question, they participated in the Amazon gift certificate draw and proceeded on the second level.
  • In step two the players had won Digital Body Language and Revenue Engine -books and had participated in the draw for the Amazon Certificate. If they wanted to go all the way and participate in the draw for the camera, they had to bet their CRM system.
  • In the last step they had won the books and participated for both draw's.


As with classic Texas Holdem' in each step you saw more of the dealers hand. In every step some of the other "virtual" players folded. If you went all the way, you saw the dealears hand and the hand of the final remaining player. And of course, the player always won. We also played with the idea of bettering your chances depending on your questions.


The campaign open rate was 36% and clickthroug rate 21%. 98% of the players answered all the questions and we were able to enrich our data and have a little fun before the holidays.


Here are a few screenshots of the campaign.


ScreenHunter_30 Jan. 03 14.20.jpgScreenHunter_30 Jan. 03 14.23.jpgScreenHunter_30 Jan. 03 14.36.jpg