Thanks to the awesome Topliners Guru's we now have our Overall Rankings Leader board on the Home page, but also we now have leader boards under Do It & Imagine It.  Without looking how many people do you think made it on both the Do It & Imagine It leader board?  All 10, a handful or none, well the surprising fact is 3!


So the next question I asked myself was are the number 1's on both boards the same person?  YES - congrats to apandya - you're rockin' the posts everywhere!


Also congrats to Allan King for coming in 4th on Do It & 9th on Imagine It!

And not to be outdone, congrats to mhalliday for ranking 2nd in Imagine It & 5th in Do It!


What ideas are you going to blog about today - Technical Do It's?  Inspiring Imagine It's? or do you want to be like Amit, Allan & Mark and spread the Topliners Love across the Community?


So here's a challenge for the last day of February as we look towards March - who will be the next person to get on the Do It and Imagine It leader boards & who's ready to be the 4th person on both boards??