I think Veruca Salt said it best as she sang to Willy Wonka, “I want it and I want it now!”


Cincom updated from Eloqua9 to Eloqua10 in February 2012.  As someone who spends a great deal of their day pouring over data analytics I was psyched to see what new reporting awaited me in this release.  While the new reporting was user friendly, many of the reports I depended on for analysis were now missing.  Eloqua did inform me that the reporting features would be enhanced with each release.  That was good news, but I didn’t have time to wait on releases.  At this time our Account Director recommended the Analyzer License.  This was a feature that would allow me to build out the reports I needed.  Great idea I thought, but I’m not a programmer.  I don’t build, program, engineer, or anything remotely close to that!  Knowing my options were limited I purchased the Analyzer License and started experimenting.  I was shocked and thrilled with how easy it was to use. In less than a day I quickly built out the missing reports, dozens of them. 


As I created reports and pulled data I started to notice all of the attributes and metrics I could now access.  I don’t think I truly understood the data available to me until I began using the Analyzer License.  I could approach our digital communication with a whole new set of eyes.  Knowing what data can be reported on allowed me to strategically build out communications.  I knew what information to query, how to collect it through our communications, and better understand why we had the results we did. More importantly, it allowed me to constantly improve our communications based on the output.  We started thinking beyond explicit data and high level implicit information.  We began to segment and build out our content with a more targeted approach.  Because I knew how to build out very focused reports I could also report on activity against contacts and accounts that our sales teams find extremely valuable.


The Analyzer License has allowed me to become a more strategic marketer and more valuable resource within our organization.  I’d summarize the 5 biggest benefits as follows:


  1. I’m independent and self sufficient.  I don’t need to submit support cases and wait for future releases.
  2. I can customize the reporting around the nuances of our company.  Because we function as separate business units I need very specific breakdowns of data, by product group.
  3. Everyone prefers to consume information differently.  With this license I can customize the reporting for each individual.
  4. Knowledge is the new currency and the analyzer license affords me even more access to this currency.  There is no data that remains a mystery.
  5. I can truly analyze data with the analyzer license.  The license allows me to build out reports in response to my “why” questions.


I totally suggest you check out http://topliners.eloqua.com/docs/DOC-3232 to learn more about Eloqua Insight reporting and the Analyzer license!