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I ran across a great article on creating Disney-like fanaticism in companies. Disney is definitely THE leader when it comes to customer experience. I've visited WDW more times than I can count and every time it is so evident.


There are so many facets to approaching this in other business models and while accomplishing it might seem as difficult as climbing Everest, it's not impossible. If companies just attack one of these principals at a time, it can be amazing to see how much they can improve customer loyalty to the point of fanaticism.


Anyway, check out the article here: How To Create A Disney-Like Addiction To Your Company | Fast Company | Business + Innovation


Now, a question for you all, what are you doing (or what would you like to do) in your company to create a Disney-like Addiction?

How often do you find yourself exporting lists from your CRM and importing them into Eloqua?  Or wishing there was a better way to track form submission referral sources, or needing to segment data from other business systems from within Eloqua?  Custom objects are a fantastic way to solve these business problems.


For those of you who are new to the concept of custom objects (also known as data cards), they're basically an extension of Eloqua's standard data objects (contacts, companies, etc.), that allow you to create a many-to-one relationship of custom records with a standard data record in Eloqua.  For example, you could create a custom object to interact with one of the webinar connectors on the Eloqua AppCloud that will store all of the webinar attendance data to a custom object record, that can be easily related to a contact, and segmented on from the Eloqua segment builder, or can be scored on through the Eloqua lead scoring system.  The custom object could store all of the attendance data unique to that webinar session (length of time watching, attendee status, etc.), in its own record, which could result in many records for the same contact, because a contact could register for many webinars.


At DocuSign, we're avid fans of custom objects.  We use custom objects to sync all campaign members from our CRM, allowing us to easily segment on any campaign association (whether it was sourced from Eloqua or not).  We use custom objects to track form submission referrals and blind form submit sources through query strings so we can see all the different referrals for a given form, and see from which referrals any given contact came from.  Additionally, we sync DocuSign product data to custom objects so we can make real-time nurture decisions based off of their product usage.  We build custom objects to achieve advanced segmentation capabilities, from multiple business systems, so we can deliver better, more-engaging content to our prospects and customers.


An example of custom objects in use can be seen in one of our nurture series where we check to see if a user sent any DocuSign envelopes on any of their accounts, and we determine which email to send based off of that usage data (screenshot below).




So how do you get started?  There are some great resources and articles on Topliners to get you started with the process.  I've documented the process for syncing Salesforce campaign members to a custom object record which I encourage you to use if you find yourself doing a lot of exporting and importing of records from Salesforce into Eloqua.  There are additional articles below as well for your reference.  My recommendation, however, is to just think of the data you'd find useful to have in Eloqua.  What data from your other business systems would improve your segmentation, reporting, and content pertinence?  Custom objects might be a great way for you to achieve a heightened success with your automation!



Ryan Schwartz



Syncing Campaign Members to a Custom Object in Eloqua -

Custom Data Objects -

REST API - Custom Object Data -

I saw this email come in from Eloqua on Friday, and was blown away by the level of personalization. I shared it around the office, and we were all pretty impressed:

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.07.34 AM.png


First off, it's a great image with a lot of personality, but here are the details that resonated with me:


1. Names on the t-shirts. This felt like a really extra-special touch. The imagery makes me feel like Eloqua is our trusty sidekick as we throw our capes on, and dive into adventure. And really, that's a pretty great message to convey.


2. The headline "Making Sales & Marketing BFFs since 1999." We've adopted a strategy at Vidyard that Sales & Marketing work hand in hand, so this kind of messaging is spot-on.


Kudos to the Eloqua team for a fantastic, personalized email that was worth sharing with the rest of my team!


Has anyone else had a really great, targeted email resonate with them lately? Would love to hear stories of what's worked for you!

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