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Viral Videos & Eloqua

Posted by chris.westerhout Jun 28, 2013

Driving internet traffic to your site is often difficult in the crowded and over advertised world of the internet. To do this is a cost efficient manner is becoming that much more problematic as we often find ourselves competing against much larger or seasoned competitors. However, viral videos have emerged as a key marketing technique that we can use to propel internet traffic without breaking the bank. According to Brian Shin, the CEO of a video analytic service, viral videos share at least two things in common: "discussability" and "relatability." For a video to be discussable he believes it must feature something shocking or surprising, which then compels viewers to share it with others. Likewise, if a video contains something deeply human to which we can relate, we're more likely to share it out. The two factors often go together and can be viewed as a foundation for developing such a project.


This online medium is an ideal asset that can be paired with a marketing automation system such as Eloqua that can report on customer response to the video and then use those analytics to drive traffic through your site

Ruukki Roofs is a Finnish company that produces top-of-the line steel roofs for residential buildings.  For years Ruukki has been the market and brand leader in Finland with a premium brand position and top-of-mind recognition. Ruukki’s products are of high value, high quality and continuing innovation. For example Ruukki was the first company in the world to launch residential roofing with integrated solar energy collector. Ruukki has salespeople in 14 European countries and is heavily increasing its international sales efforts. At the core of the sales process in Finland are the local Roof Masters who evaluate the prospect needs, quote the renovation project and oversee the renovation form start to finish.  The major challenge was to generate enough evaluation visit requests before the short summer season, route the requests to the Roof Masters in real time and follow the process from Salesforce. Roof Masters don’t spend time on the internet and don’t use smartphones, so getting the form submission data to the local masters as an SMS depending on the form submitters zip code was the key technological challenge and the starting point of the process. The SMS messages needed to be routed to correct masters according on the 5000 different zip-codes. The Roof Masters also work as entrepeneurs so every extra second they spend in the CRM must offer true benefits.


The goal of the roof master campaigns was to get people to book Roof Master evaluation visits and build top-of-mind position before the summer renovation season begins. Internal goal was to create a fast, transparent and reportable lead pipeline starting from the evaluation booking form and ending up to SMS notification and CRM entry. Before Eloqua Ruukki was not able to follow up on the evaluation requests to quotes and sales or identify the speed of the pipeline. The working bridge from Eloqua to Salesforce was buildt by IDBBN. The 2-way integration between Eloqua and Salesforce is one of the most complex ID BBN’s implemented so far. Each country has unique integration rules due to differences in sales processes / lead handling between countries. Data normalization washing machines have a big role in the integration process especially in the SMS notification process. ID BBN is currently adding more countries to the integration and automating the sending of personalized print mail as a part of the marketing / sales process. After the contact had identified the postal code in the campaign competion form or Roofmaster search form, all the subsequent communication from thank-you pages to emails were personalized to mach the correct Roof Master.


The campaign featured a wide media mix and differing competition according to the market. The Finnish campaign featured a 5000€ rebate of the purchased roof. This also helped to target the campaign only to those interested. All the dozens of medias were tracked to Lead Source Original and analyzed accorging to their cost per lead to help plan the future media investents. The campaign launched only three weeks after Eloqua was set-up, and has significantly increased the size of the sales pipeline, made the process more transparent, increased the awareness in the target audience and generated true appraisal from the sales team. The first ever Eloqua campaign placed Ruukki directly among the best-in-class in the Eloqua Benchmark index. The first Eloqua email campaign resulted with 27% unique open rate, 20% unique click through rate, 76% click-to-open rate and 15% form conversion rate. The contact database grew 400% in 3 months and 73% of the contacts of reachable contacts became active. The campaigns produced 137% increase in generated leads, decreased lead contact time from seven to two days and plugged all the holes in the lead pipeline.  Eloqua also reduced costs. The savings produced by the automated print mail process that sends on-boarding letters to new customers more than alone covered Eloqua licence fees.


Never before have Ruukki’s campaigns been this successful and never before has their marketing earned such praise from sales. The campaign also earned Ruukki a nomination for the European Rookie of The Year nomination in European Markies 2013.


Campaing landing page



Campaign thank-you page in Finnish with a Roof Master evaluation visit request form, personalized according to the contcts own roofmaster.


Personalized nurturing email in Finnish featuring contacts own Roof Master.

New smart mobile payment platforms have emerged over the past few years making it easy to pay from our smartphones. I found this link with some interesting examples of how to pay online.



We took on this issue for a client recently, here’s the story:


In SFDC there were duplicate/generic emails across different contact names (like When Eloqua encounters that, as you may know, it selects the email record to keep rather randomly, going by street address order etc.  Not good. This was causing havoc all over with the reps…


So first we grouped email dupes by count (2X dupes, 3X dupes etc.) Then we applied rules based on lead owner, lead history etc. for the email record to keep.


Next we determine which value to keep for each field – for example if one company name was more descriptive, we’d keep that value, even if the record was going to be merged.


Then we merged these in SFDC. So Eloqua campaigns will only see the email record that is deliberately and selectively retained.


Couple of points to consider:

- Determine SFDC or Eloqua to be the system of record.

- Run this periodically depending on your frequency and volume of adding email records.


Good luck!

Sent and email inviting contacts to Visit the website which request them to fill out the Form which for brochures. The trick to this was "What happens when you request more than one brochure?"

We created a set of conditional rules: if just one brochure was chosen the person submitting the Form received the specific brochure. If they chose more than one they received an email which re-directed to a landing page which had all of the re-direct links to the specific brochures. I was impressed. Thank you eloqua support team and Topliners. Please feel free to comment, LIKE and or Share.

My content developer sent a poor example of HTML to be an uploaded email. In the Eloqua email template everything looked normal and fine - however when sending to Outlook 2007 the main text was not positioning properly. Knowing that many companies use Outlook as a primary Email service we needed to get this fix. Trial after trial after trial with no resolve - then I read the instruction to open the HTML up in Word and make the appropriate changes and then save the Word doc as HTML. Copy only the section of code needed and then paste it in place of the HTML coded section of the original email uploaded in Eloqua and SAVE. Test send to and OUTLOOK to verify. I hope this was helpful.......additional insight as to why this worked is because both Word and Outlook are Microsoft

So I’m in Italy as I type this, on a family vacation. We left Cincinnati for Rome yesterday. (Or was it today? I am not really sure what time it is and neither is my body.)


The trip has not started out well for me.


First, my family of four was assigned seats in all different areas of the plane to Rome. With a four and seven year old on an eight hour flight, that’s obviously not going to work. It was a full flight, and we were one of the last to board, so finding passengers willing to move seats so we could at least have one parent next to each kid was not fun.


Then, we get to Rome, and of all the suitcases brought here by my 20 extended family members traveling together, mine is the only piece of luggage that did not make it. In fact, it’s currently not accounted for, anywhere in the world. It just disappeared along with every piece of clothing I packed for this week long trip. I went to the luggage counter as you always do when in this situation, and the simple task of providing the address to the villa I’m staying in was difficult because of the language barrier. I’m finally told that IF they find my luggage, it will be at least three days until it is delivered here.


My family has loaned me a few shirts and shorts – but at this point, I really only have a few things to wear. And let’s be honest – they’re not the “good clothes” they packed. They are the "extra old t-shirts in case I spill wine on myself" shirts. So I’m a little out of my element with things that are not mine – they aren’t my style, they don’t really fit, and there aren’t a lot of them.


The icing on the cake - somehow, these few loaner clothing items got left on the bathroom floor when someone took a shower last night, and every piece is completely soaked. Guess what they don’t have in this secluded Italian villa? A clothes dryer. The few items I have are currently hanging outside and I’m waiting for them to dry in the humid Italian air.


So as I sit here with literally only the clothes on my back, I am reflecting on the day where NOTHING seemed to go my way. It got me thinking about bad days I’ve had as a marketer.


We’ve all had them. I always say, you’re not a real marketer until you’ve  sent out an email with a huge error, selected artwork for a piece of creative that unintentionally offended someone, or walked out of conference rooms fatigued and frustrated after trying desperately to get someone to adopt an idea and feeling like no one is listening.


How we handle situations in times of stress is a critical factor to our success as marketers. Although yesterday was not fun, it’s travel – it’s unpredictable, just like we can’t predict mistakes on our campaigns or people’s unwillingness to hear out our ideas. Stress is going to happen in marketing, just like it inevitably happens in travel.


So how did I get through it without writing this vacation off as a total bomb on day one? Two things:


One, I asked for help.


I asked the flight attendant to help relocate our seats. I asked the luggage counter to look for and (hopefully) deliver my luggage to the villa. I asked my family to loan me clothes.


Two, I took an hour to reset my attitude.  By the time I arrived at the villa yesterday, I was feeling snarky and negative from the lack of sleep combined with the stress of this experience. I was not fun to be around. So I asked my in laws to watch the kids while I took an hour to drive into the village with the windows down. I cried (in private – away from everyone else who was happy and excited to kick off their vacation), got over it, and decided by the time I got back I would move on. So what if I don’t have my luggage? I’m in Italy. I’m lucky. I have beautiful views and amazing food and wine to enjoy and family all around me. The travel disaster, although it felt like the end of the world yesterday, seems inconsequential now that I’ve reset my outlook.


When you have a Marketing Bad Day – which are at the same time unpredictable and inevitable – I think these two strategies can help. First, ask for help to remedy the situation as quickly and effectively as you can. You may not be able to fix it, but you can do as much as is possible to make it better, if not right. Then, take a break, feel what you need to feel, and move on.


The next day will be better – I promise.

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