We had a requirement where we wanted to insert Degree symbol in subject of an email. This applies to E9 or E10.


At first I wasn't sure how to get this setup in Eloqua, exploring all options.


  • Directly inserting a code in Subject line (Example 360 #186).
  • Field merge.
  • Static content
  • Dynamic content



So for E10 (Fortunately)


Option 1:  Here are few steps:


  1. Use Firefox to get started and login into Eloqua, Chrome will not work properly.
  2. Create a dynamic content, name it according to your character.
  3. Choose the default content, click Full and click Full, and click Src.
  4. Insert the special character code, in our case º
  5. Save and close.
  6. Drag and drop the Dynamic content in subject line
  7. Send a test email for complete test.


It will work like a magic.


So what about folks on E9, we cannot drag and drop dynamic content in Subject line.


Well here's Option 2:


(This even works for E10 as well, make sure you test this at least few times)


  1. Click on the subject line.
  2. Press and hold "Alt" key on your computer (Yes for Windows only for Mac Use Option)
  3. Press #186 on Numeric keyboard not on the numbers on top of keyboard.
  4. Release "Alt" Key , and wallah, like magic, the symbol will appear.
  5. Send a test email for complete test.


For additional list and symbols and their HTML codes visit HTML Symbol Entities Reference , and for keyboard symbols please visit http://symbolcodes.tlt.psu.edu/accents/codealt.html


Hope this gets your creative juices flowing.


Thank You

Amit Pandya