We recently launched Eloqua sales tools Prospect Profiler and Engage within our company. We started out small, giving licenses only to our salespeople, who were part of our Lead Scoring pilot group. Slowly but surely the interest in Engage and Prospect Profiler grew within sales community. While we started at the beginning with just 20 licenses, we now allocated over 200 licenses to our sales and marketing users (about 50% of our sales force). We trained our regional marketing managers on the tools, so that they could train their sales teams in the regions. And then we created the Eloqua Sales Awards.


The Eloqua Sales Awards celebrate and recognize excellent adoption and usage of the Eloqua sales tools Prospect Profiler and Engage.The goal is to encourage adoption and application of Eloqua sales tools post training, share success and promote best practice across the Sales teams. How does it work? At the beginning of each month I will be sending out an internal message on our intranet to the Eloqua Sales User group with the request to share their Eloqua success stories. They have to respond to the message with a comment and share with everyone how Eloqua sales tools helped them to communicate more efficiently with customers, track responses and activities in real time and/or identify the hottest and most engaged prospects. We run the Eloqua Sales Awards ones a month for six month. The Eloqua Sales Award winner will receive a cash bonus with their next paycheck.

And here is one of our first success stories:

Despite having moved into Getty Images’ Japanese sales team very recently as an Inbound Telesales Representative, Yosuke has already closed a large Video Pack deal. Part of his responsibility includes looking after many different companies, a lot of which are located outside of Tokyo, so personal customer visits are not an option for Yosuke. Instead, he has relied on Eloqua’s sales tools to keep in contact with customers and is truly an example of how best to utilize Eloqua for remote sales.


Yosuke uses Eloqua Engage to send out weekly personalised emails to around 200 contacts at a time, informing them about various business news, such as new stock collections. His emails are read by over 50 per cent of the recipients. Yosuke has also set up web visit alerts using Eloqua’s Prospect Profiler, to ensure he receives an email notification once a customer has read his email and clicked through to visit the Getty Images website. Every web visit by a customer is then followed up with a call, and with every call comes a follow-up Engage email!

Eloqua’s sales tool help me to communicate more efficiently with my customers, track their activities in real time and identify the hottest, most engaged prospects” explained Yosuke.

With his weekly emails Yosuke was able to change the perception his regional customers’ have of Getty Images. For example, his client, an advertisement production company for regional TV channels with small budgets, previously perceived Getty Images as an expensive imagery company. Due to his emails and follow-up calls, when they visited the website, they realised that Getty Images offers a wealth of media, including affordable video content. He was then able to sell them Footage pack for their local TV commercials, as well as a Web Pack.


I would be very interested to find out how other companies rolled out Eloqua's sales tools Prospect Profiler and Engage. So please share your ideas and experiences with me.