I wanted to get on my soap box for just a couple minutes, and share with anyone who will listen about why it has been a very easy transition to Eloqua.  In the last 12 months, I have worked with a couple other platforms, and have been expected to start from scratch each time, while not skipping a beat when it comes to campaign schedules.   Needless to say, that means a lot of quick learning and uncovering caveats and pitfalls in real time.


Reasons why I have been albe to hit the ground running in Eloqua and continuing to pick up speed:


  1. User Interface -  Wow, a vast improvement compared to other Marketing Automation Tools.  I'm an Icon guy, if you makes things easier to find, it's a huge plus for users.
  2. Sync with our CRM - No more errors when trying to create Dynamic Segments.  Viewing the segment and not having to upload new lists every time when I just want to add a contact or remove one has saved me a lot a time and headache
  3. Campaigns - Before I would have to create individual emails for drip campaigns.  Campaigns allow me to create one email, reducing the amount of work, clutter, and possibility for errors.
  4. Topliners Community - All of you are a part of my early success!  I absolutely love this community and all the great feedback I've been getting.
  5. There will be many more but here are just a few I have recognized in my first week here.