WebEx + Televerde Cloud Connectors = Success at Sage!

In December we launched the Be the Driver Endorsed Partner Webcast Series to promote either of our endorsed solutions. The webcast series included over 30 webcasts spanning December through May. The campaign includes a contest where customers can win a trip to Las Vegas and a seat behind the wheel of up to three exotic cars. Each webcasts they attend for greater than 20 minutes is an entry into the contest. Through the use of the WebEx Cloud connector and the outbound call agency Televerde this campaign is already exceeding our expectations.


WebEx Set Up & Benefits

Registration forms were created in Eloqua to handle all of the webcast registrations. The registration data is stored in a Custom Data Object. In addition to managing the registration process the WebEx cloud connector allows us to automate the follow up emails and the push into CRM. Because the WebEx Query cloud connector detects not only whether or not they attended but also how long they stayed we are able to easily identify who receives an entry into the contest and who doesn’t and can send separate follow up messages.  This saves time and removes the chance of human error. Below is a screenshot of the program built to manage this process:



Televerde Benefits

Televerde is an outbound call agency that offers an Eloqua integration. The cloud connector is able to push data to the Televerde representatives, capture the response, and action on it once pushed back into Eloqua. Because we communicate via email with our customer base so frequently we decided to drive registrations for these webcasts through direct mail and outbound call only. As of today, we are nine weeks into the twenty-four week campaign and have achieved 114% of our registration goal and 55% of our lead goal.