Fair warning here, I'm going to shill a little bit. Partly because I've been doing some work with these guys and partly because they're amazing. If you don't like my perspective, feel free to sneer at me, but I think this is a pretty important idea and I wanted to make sure people are hearing about where segmentation and targeted modern marketing is headed.


Over the last year, I've worked with the guys at Attentive.ly to help develop their product further and approach the Eloqua market. I'm working with them as an official adviser, but I actually started out as a customer for the early version of the product. rozlemieux is the CEO of this company, and comes from the world of Politics and Strategic Consulting. She's a dynamite person and a good friend. Additionally, I think we all know David York and the amazing products that SureShot releases all the time. I've been a fan of his work for years, and I'm really excited by the fact that I get to work with him on this project. The two of them have paired up to bring the Attentive.ly product to the Eloqua App cloud....Attentive.ly Social Behavior SparkPlug


Attentive.ly takes those silly Social Listening tools you've been using to the next level. Yeah, they do some interesting things and have their uses especially for brand management and monitoring the competition, as well as having a one to one conversation with your customers in the social spaces. That's essentially where they stop and where Attentive.ly picks up the ball and runs with it. Attentive.ly allows you to do this kind of listening directly for your INDIVIDUAL CONTACTS stored in Eloqua. From there you can pass this information into Eloqua and use their social behavior as part of your entire marketing automation program. Can you imagine building segmented lists based on customers discussion on Twitter or Facebook? What about A/B splits using their specific sports teams as a possible subject line? Or perhaps using this information to add another layer to your lead scoring models based on their level of social activity?


The end result is this, listening to your customers is great but becoming true modern marketers requires us to take things to the next level and find faster and more eloquent (pun intended) ways to engage in one on one conversations with our clients. We all know how difficult this is and how hard we work to come up with interesting and compelling content for our customers to consume. By using Attentive.ly you don't have to guess about what your customers might be interested in and can actually send them the content they've already shown interest in receiving. You can cut down on unsubscribe rates by improving the engagement and relevance for your email marketing.


Do yourself a favor and go check out the app on the App Cloud. Attentive.ly Social Behavior SparkPlug


Yours in marketing. -- Dave