Gain the visibility you need to complete the attribution puzzle

In July, we launched the Marchex and Eloqua beta program for all Eloqua users. The beta helps companies like yours identify which demand generation campaigns are driving phone calls. You can leverage your existing Eloqua platform and the comprehensive insights you derive from existing customer interactions, and optimize for phone calls.


Unlock inbound phone call insights

You can track granular click data from email campaigns, and with Marchex you can track phone calls from click-to-call on mobile, desktop and landing pages from your email campaigns. You can easily insert phone numbers into outbound email campaigns and landing pages from Eloqua. 

As part of this trial, you are able to:

  • Measure inbound phone calls directly from outbound email campaigns
  • Access Marchex Call Analytics results in Eloqua
  • Provide user feedback to impact product investments

Getting started is simple:


Check out if you’re a good fit for the beta

If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you can benefit from Marchex Call Analytics in Eloqua campaigns:


Do you place phone numbers in offline and/or online ads or email campaigns?


Do consumers call your business to make a purchase or book an appointment?


Do you have a national call center?

Are you running a Google click-to-call?



Ideal Target

  • B2B: Any company that receives inbound phone calls from email marketing
  • B2C: Financial services, cable/satellite, home services, professional services, travel, insurance, real estate, telecom and more


To sign up, you can go to our app, or email us at