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Eloqua Competitors

Posted by Shivangi_Awasthi Jan 11, 2016

Eloqua is the largest marketing automation software vendor, with well over 1,000 clients. They have fantastic software…but what about other marketing automation vendors? Who are Eloqua’s competitors? This post will give a brief rundown of Eloqua’s competition.

Update: After initially posting this article on Eloqua competitors, we had a fantastic conversation with Brian Kardon, CMO at Eloqua. We have since reorganized the list and added new competitors.

If you’re purchasing marketing automation software, Kardon recommends you make the decision based on your particular circumstances. “If you’re looking for a program that allows for sophisticated nurturing, you have a global marketplace and an ambitious, creative marketing team, you’ll probably choose Eloqua.” says Kardon. “If you want simple, set-it-and-forget-it software then HubSpot or even Pardot are good for you.”

Eloqua’s Competitors — Enterprise-Level

  • Aprimo — Aprimo just announced a new addition and enhancements to its Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solutions. These additions provide many innovative Marketing Operations, Multi-Channel Campaign Management, and Marketing Performance Measurement capabilities.
  • Oracle — With the acquisition of Market2Lead in 2010, Oracle bought a feature-rich, Java-based product that plays well with enterprise-level companies looking for marketing automation.

Eloqua’s Competitors — Small & Mid-Sized Business

  • Marketo — Marketo is the second-largest marketing automation company and Eloqua’s major competition. Marketo boasts Marketo NEXT, designed to accelerate customers’ revenue growth, usually by 40 percent. This helps companies deliver marketing programs that are more agile, more social, more intelligent and more connected than ever before.
  • Pardot — Pardot is arguably the third largest marketing automation company and a strong Eloqua competitor. However, unlike Eloqua, Pardot is laser-focused on the SMB market.


Other Eloqua Competitors
Eloqua has many other solid marketing automation competitors. While these software providers don’t have the same market share as the above competition, they have extremely robust platforms–and offer very competitive pricing.

  • Act-On — Act-On Software describes itself as focused on the “Fortune 5 million.” This marketing automation software company is one of the fastest growing, cloud-based marketing automation platforms in the country.
  • — offers one thing that makes them stand out: a free marketing automation solution. It isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t mind having the Genius logo on your outbound marketing communications, it might be for you.
  • HubSpot — HubSpot is giving Eloqua a run for its money. HubSpot was recently honored with multiple coveted awards, including 2nd fastest growing software company. It also recently acquired Performable, a marketing automation vendor. I should also note, note for clarity, that Kardon doesn’t believe Eloqua competes in the same space as Hubspot. “In the 1,000+ deals we have been involved with, we have never run into them,” he says. “As you know, they are very focused on very small businesses – florists, dentists, plumbers. That is not our market.”
  • Manticore — Manticore Technology marketing automation platform helps marketers digitally communicate with leads in a personal and effective way throughout their entire buying cycle.
  • Neolane — Neolane enables B2B marketers to optimize demand generation, sustain a conversation, intelligently manage leads and track/measure results.

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