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Working with a wide range of Eloqua customers, one issue that has come up frequently is around email frequency management. Sending contacts too much email too frequently can kill an opportunity fast and lead to bad spam reputation. But it's hard to track how often contacts are getting emails in any given week when you've got 3 or 5 or 30 different campaigns going - even if you have a sophisticated stoplight program in place.


Surveying activity histories, we noticed that many of our Eloqua customers had some portion of their contacts getting emailed more than 10 times per week, and often a lot more. There's also the ever-changing battle against abusive bots spamming your online forms.


We've created new intelligent analytics as a part of Motiva AI's smart Frequency Management system that lets you explore which contacts are getting what emails from which campaigns so you can do something about it. And we're already uncovering opportunities to improve as well as surfacing plenty of abusive bot behavior.


Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 11.23.49.png


So: are you over-emailing? If you're not sure and want to see your own results, ping us and we'd be glad to show you. And even if you are sure, we might find something surprising.

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