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I’ve had the pleasure of working with the marketing team at McAfee for the past 18 months. Abby Bell has been the “Eloqueen” at McAfee for 6 months now, and has been working with Eloqua for almost 3 years. Her focus at McAfee is global user enablement, training and automation, and one of the successes that Abby shared with me goes like this:


McAfee’s North American marketing team was looking for ways to help contribute to the company’s year-end sales push. They needed an end of year boost of MQL’s that they could send to Sales, so they started looking to their database for ways to generate some. They had over 14,000 leads from 2010 that didn’t score high enough to be sent to sales, and decided that a short nurturing program was the best way to re-engage these leads.


They had been looking at increasing their nurturing efforts for 2011, so this quick win program would also serve as a great way for them to get base numbers for longer term nurture programs in 2011 that would include multiple tracks, A/B testing, etc.


Having categorized product types into 5 business units there was lots of content to pull from, and the team was experienced with program builder, so they knew what they had to do was map out the program flow. Nurture tracks were mapped according to business unit, and for the leads that didn’t have a product type listed, they decided to focus on a current area of focus for the company, a Social Media offer. Leads were scored on the following criteria:


  • Email click through +5
  • Downloaded asset + 20
  • Title given, up to +50
  • Total Employees number given, up to +15


In total, the campaign had:


  • 6 product tracks
  • 7 whitepapers
  • 2 case studies
  • 8 forms
  • 3 high value web pages


The program had pretty good results when compared to the Eloqua Benchmark report ( They saw a 17% open rate (compared to 19.5% benchmark) and a 3.5% click through rate (compared to 3.0%). More importantly, the campaign saw 439 leads score as MQL, which is approximately 2 weeks worth of lead production.


What McAfee learned through their quick nurture program is already helping them in 2011. The team is more confident that they can generate a more predictable amount of leads, and with they’ll know more about when they need to increase volumes and when they can decrease them (Revenue Performance Management here we come!). Now that they have the groundwork laid, they’re going to do more around subject line testing, and personalization to increase their conversion. And they’re starting to bring more dynamic streams of nurturing into initial demand gen campaigns, so after a contact has been a part of new campaign, they’re dropped right into a nurture track if they don’t score up, which gives them a great opportunity to test different campaigns performance (i.e. contact doesn’t respond to initial wave, the nurture will send emails again with different subject lines).


This year, 2011 McAfee is implementing scoring for global geos, with lead nurturing to follow across the regions. They launched the first part of their North American campaigns today, with 4 different tracks and three offers per track (12 emails and landing pages already!)

Diane Walker, McAfee’s Director of Demand Generation said: “This effort was a major milestone for us, which was the catalyst for our new Eloqua automated nurture program. Our charter is driving a predictable supply of quality leads and pipeline contribution. These nurture programs help us achieve those goals”.


Now it’s your turn! Share with us what you’ve done to re-engage cold leads. Did you test? Did anything give you amazing results, or prove that what assets perform best?

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