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Meet this amazing Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) App: Custom Upload Wizard

With this app, you will be able to perform a clean contact upload, add contacts to new or existing shared list and associate contacts to marketing campaigns (for example, external marketing campaigns such as tradeshows or conferences.

Watch how it works through this video:


Upload Wizard.png

At the end of each year, we choose what content really made a difference among our social communities. Here are the most viewed and downloaded ones for 2014. We hope you enjoy them!

  • Five Ways to Integrate Eloqua and CRM: Are you aware of the 5 different ways you can integrate Eloqua with your CRM system and the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  • Eloqua: What to Do Next Infographic: Your management is thinking about how to make the New Year rock… and if you want to be a part of it, now is the time to prepare your vision for kick-ass Eloqua improvements.
  • Put a full-court press on dirty data: Marketers have struggled to keep data clean since the first crumpled business card changed hands. Click the link above to stop swilling down the same filthy information.

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You expect your Oracle Marketing Cloud platform to do what it was designed to do regardless of the data being fed into it. However, just as a car won’t run well on bad gas, your Eloqua – no matter how sophisticated – won’t do its job if you gum up the works with dirty data. In this white paper you will learn:


  • What 'Dirty Data' Really is
  • What Does Dirty Data Look Like?
  • How Dirty Data Costs More Than JUST Leads
  • What Causes Bad Data and How Does it Get Into Eloqua?




And much more…


You have two options; you can ignore dirty data, or Fill Out this Form and take the correct long-term precautions to keep your marketing machine clean.

Find out how you can make it “Market Like a Pirate Day” here!

VentureBeat News recently reported a study that said “many organizations are underestimating the resources that are required” to effectively implement their marketing automation technologies. Eloqua experts are being promoted quickly and are otherwise in demand, and at the same time, we’re hearing that some companies are having trouble hiring trained Eloqua resources.

Even in a good hiring environment, it can take two to three months to hire someone, and another several months for them to become acclimated to your organization. Does that mean you need to put your marketing operations on hold for six months?


For those companies that seem to be short-handed in trained Eloqua people, we have a suggestion: consider hiring an Eloqua partner to help you through those periods when you find yourself short-handed.  But how do you justify this when you’re planning on hiring anyway?


We’ve come up with 5 good reasons you can use with your manager on why using a partner to fill the gap is a good idea.  Each of these can be a slide, or you can use them simply as talking points to convince management why they should keep the original lead-flow schedule!


Read more about how Eloqua’s partner network can help you keep your marketing operations running at peak condition, while you look for Eloqua talent that’s becoming more and more in demand.

If you’ve had a good SmartStart, it’s very likely that everything is fine with your Eloqua system.  But over time, there are processes that you don’t always look at, and those things might not be responding the way you need them to. 

Systems and processes degrade over time. Data degrades over time. New people may not have gotten adequate training, and sometimes, you just don’t know what you don’t know.


And just like a finely-tuned engine that you haven’t looked at for a while, Eloqua can get out of tune.


That’s why an Eloqua “Health Check” can be so important. A proper “Health Check” can answer so many questions for you, and help put you on the right footing to move forward confidently.


We invite you to watch our video and learn the importance of the ‘Health Check’ for your organization:

For more information visit, or call 1-888-ELOQUA4 (888-356-7824) or email

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