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4 Posts authored by: Ann Davis-Oracle

If you’ve ever attended one of our events, you know that in addition to our team sharing their knowledge and product expertise, we LOVE to have our customers share their awesome success stories and marketing best practices.  We just wrapped up our third stop on the 2014 Modern Marketing Tour and are excited to be able to share a fresh batch of success stories with you. Visit the Modern Marketing Tour group here on Topliners to see all of the presentations from our first three tour stops including these inspiring customer stories:


Transformation Journey to Modern Marketing at ACGO Corporation - Peter Garza, AGCO Corporation

The Growing Power of Customer Advocacy: Building mutually beneficial customer relationships - Liz Richardson, Bomgar

Blind Forms, Conditions and Custom Data Objects…Oh My! - Cullen Ruffner, good2grow and bubba brands

Hero or Helper: Which role is your org playing? - keithjennings, Jackson Healthcare

Optimizing ROI in B2B Lead Generation - Paul Price, Reed Construction Data



The MYTH of Lead Scoring…Who is marketing to define a qualified lead? - Alex Ballering, NXP Semiconductors

Zamir Telecom Case Study - Abdul Hamid Ebrahim, Zamir Telecom Ltd.

Taking Advantage of the Hidden Sales Cycle with Sales & Marketing Alignment - mark.emmett, Trustpilot



Finding and Retaining Eloqua Talent - Eytan Abrahams, Return Path

Redefining Marketing Automation at Intel Security - Sterling Bailey-Oracle, Intel Security

Use of Progressive Forms at CSC - Jenifer Metz, CSC

An Integrated, Long Term Approach to Lead Nurturing - Byron O'Dell, IHS

Journey into the Art and Science of Healthcare Marketing - Vincent Rainsford, Covidien (note: cannot be shared for privacy reasons)


What’s next? You can catch success stories from these Modern Marketers at our next few stops on #MMT14:


Austin: Sal Abramo, Thomson Reuters; Hayden Mugford, Dell; chris pearson, Hibu; Kurt Stoll, HP; Rachel Truair, PetRelocation

Boston: Domenic Armano &, Avid; David Kruh, Analog Devices; Steve Rotter, Brightcove; Anthony Slavinsky, Nuance Communications

Berlin: Tobias Ackermann, Erni GmbH; Rene Rink, Telefonica Germany; Jochen Schafberger, Evidanza AG

Join us on the Modern Marketing Tour! See a list of our upcoming events and register now.


Interested in sharing YOUR success story? Here's how you can toot your own horn:

As you may have read in our blog this week, we have officially opened our Call for Speakers for the Modern Marketing Experience Europe (formerly known as Eloqua Experience Europe), which will take place in London at the end of October. The Modern Marketing Experience conference offers an unprecedented opportunity to gain insights from experts in marketing automation, social marketing, content marketing. It's also a great opportunity for you to strut your stuff and share your expertise with the Modern Marketing community.

Why should you speak at the Modern Marketing Experience Europe? Here's what some of last year's amazing speakers had to say about the experience:

jennifer.lim and mark.graham, PayPal:

Speaking at Eloqua Experience provided a great opportunity to take stock and acknowledge the progress that we at PayPal had made. This is so easy to forget. We are, all of us, learning.  Everyone’s at a different stage with Eloqua but everyone wants to do better. It’s wonderful to be able to share and return something back to the community.

daniele, Iron Mountain:

I felt it was a great opportunity to showcase ourselves and present the results we achieved. It was really exciting and a huge challenge for me.

Ceri Jones, Basware:

It was a great opportunity to benchmark our progress, share insights with peers and meet new contacts, all of whom are using Eloqua to enable key business change in their organization.

Mark Plant, Micro Focus:

I got to network with fellow speakers via conference call prior to the event, meet them face to face and also meet up with a wider Eloqua network afterwards. The audience I addressed were genuinely interested in what I’d said – and were very keen to delve into murkier depths afterwards over a coffee.

Kim Yeatman, Thomson Reuters:

Presenting your work to an industry audience forces you to shape your work into a coherent story. We have driven more change in our organisation by re-using the same story.


We would love to have you join us in London to share your thought leadership and showcase the innovative work going on at your company. Submit your proposal to speak at the Modern Marketing Experience Europe here

Our annual conference, Eloqua Experience 2013, is taking place October 23-25 in San Francisco.  Perhaps you are one of the die-hard Eloquans who wouldn’t dream of missing it - you’re getting your Eloqua flair ready, you already know what you’re going to wear to the Markies and you’re psyched about seeing keynote speaker, Vince Gilligan, creator of the hit television series Breaking Bad. Or maybe you haven’t registered yet and are wondering why you should attend #EE13 and whether it would be a good use of your time. If you are in the second camp, hear what some of your peers have to say and learn what they have gained from attending Eloqua Experience.


Scott Logan Marketing Campaign Manager at inContact:

“Eloqua Experience is a gold mine of experts willing to share. Every conversation has the potential of sparking the idea for your next most successful campaign. My team needed a new video content tool that not only hosted our videos, but allowed us to easily incorporate them into our Eloqua campaigns. Being at EE12 allowed me find and meet VidYard to discuss my team's need. Our conversations lead to ending our search for the right tool and we have even submitted Markie application based on what they have allowed us to do.”


“Four years of using a different marketing automation platform and not going to anything like Eloqua Experience made me feel like I was working in a bubble. Once I switched to Eloqua and went to Eloqua Experience, I honestly became a part of an amazing community of experts willing to share all their knowledge for the betterment of everyone. The networking I have done and knowledge I have picked up in the last two years has made me more successful than if I was working outside of Eloqua's community for another four or possibly more.”


“Eloqua has boosted my personal career along with those on my team. Because of Eloqua, EE and winning a Markie, I have had the pleasure of speaking alongside the country's marketing experts using the knowledge that Eloqua's community helped provide in the first place. I have been more successful by taking advantage of the expertise EE provides.”


Kathrine Hogrefe Marketing Manager at Verint:

I think the biggest thing I learned last year was the idea to implement a Marketing Dashboard. I got this from InContact’s presentation. We’ve implemented this year and it’s a great resource for people to go to see what Marketing is doing as well as a good place for us to go to quickly summarize what we are working on.”


Mike Bernard Digital Marketing Manager at GovDelivery:

“I love hearing from other marketing professionals about what they're doing that's working. I get so many great ideas from Eloqua Experience and can't wait to get home to start implementing what I've learned. EE is a great time to network with peers, catch up with old friends and get face-to-face time with Eloqua staff.”


Jessica Davis Marketing Operations Manager at Avalara:

Attending Eloqua Experience provided efficiency tools and best practices that we could apply within our organization. We immediately joined the Chatter inside Eloqua Beta group and were so pleased with the functionality. Our campaign approval processes was instantly streamlined.”


“I started getting more involved in the Eloqua user community through Topliners for best practices and troubleshooting, making the experience and capabilities of Eloqua smoother and more effective.”


Pretty impressive, huh? Ready to join us at EE13? Get the full details and register for the Modern Marketing conference of the year here!




  • Manual process for managing tradeshow leads.
  • Sales team inability to follow up promptly.
  • Dirty data due to human error in manual lead entry.


  • Eloqua AppCloud
  • RelationshipOne Lead Capture App
  • WorldCard Mobile App
  • Eloqua Forms Editor
  • Apple iPad


  • Ability to prequalify leads prior to uploading.
  • 140% increase in qualified leads.
  • Immediate sales follow-up on leads. 
  • Improved efficiency and time savings.
  • Increased opportunity dollars from tradeshows.
  • Cleaner data with new automated capture process.

As any organization that relies heavily on tradeshow participation to help drive leads will tell you, managing these leads is a long arduous process and a source of great frustration for those charged with the task. Before implementing a creative solution employing an iPad and the Eloqua AppCloud, the marketing and sales teams at Mercury Systems struggled with this all too common challenge.  


When connecting with potential leads at tradeshows, the company’s sales reps typically collected business cards. Then after the show was over, they used a manual process to get the leads into their database. As Tina Bucchio, Marketing Systems Administrator for Mercury Systems says, “It was a rat race once the information got back to the office. We were getting these business cards, fielding them out to two or three people, and typing like crazy.”


On the rare occasions when the company used a lead retrieval system at tradeshows, it still took days for the company to receive the file. Once the data was entered into the system, the team had to then merge files and check for human error.   


Timing was critical for the sales team. They needed to follow up with hot leads immediately. But by the time the reps received the leads, the sense of urgency was gone and many opportunities were lost. “It averaged about four days from the time the show ended to the time we actually got the leads into the system, and then another five or six hours going through lead scoring to get to sales,” says Tina. “It was just taking far too long.”


It was at this point that Mercury looked to Eloqua partner, RelationshipOne for assistance. The two companies implemented a solution that integrated iPad, scanning and Eloqua form technologies with RelationshipOne’s Lead Capture App to streamline the lead capture process.


With this newly implemented solution, sales reps simply scan business cards with the iPad at tradeshows. The Lead Capture App then creates the Eloqua contact. The sales rep receives a link to the append form, containing custom fields such as job role, industry, market segment, and comments. Next, the form gets submitted and the processing steps on the back end do all the work. A notification immediately goes to the sales team and the prospect receives an email with links to collateral. Then the contact enters into lead scoring and gets pushed to sales for immediate follow up.

“Our follow up efforts have started even before the contact has left the expo area,” says Tina. “Sales is following up within hours, not days.” The company is also now able to prequalify leads, something that was not possible prior to the implementation. Additionally, because human error has been eliminated through automation, the company now enjoys improved data cleanliness.


“Sales is thrilled with the performance of our new process,” says Tina. “Follow up is happening quicker than ever and the fruits of our labor are evident in the number of opportunities generated.” Mercury has increased opportunity dollars dramatically and has driven the total number of qualified leads from tradeshows up 140% year over year.


The company envisions this solution evolving over time and plans to add functionality that will enable custom content for prospects. “I’m also in discussions with sales to really expand this program to target high scoring prospects with a four touch program,” says Tina. “This would include an email, a prompt to sales to follow up with a call, a postcard mailer, and a final prompt to sales - exciting times here at Mercury!”    

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