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1 Post authored by: Mindy Barenblat-Oracle

What I see in life (and in marketing in general) is a tendency to Go! Go! Go! We finish one task and must rush to the next 15 things on our To-Do lists. I love seeing all the new ideas and the fresh takes on what all you Topliners are going to accomplish in 2014. So let me ask you, do you schedule time to sit back and ruminate?


The reason I ask…There was a great article recently in the New York Times that talked about not only the benefits of mindfulness, but also the complementary benefits of giving yourself time to just let your mind wander. Mindfulness helps train the mind to stay focused, but it is in the mental vacations when the brain can have creative a-ha moments.


As modern marketers we walk the tight rope of left and right brain. We need to prove our performance with analytics, but we also need to create assets that inspire and appeal to our audience. How do you find this balance?


Personally, I’ve tried putting a calendar reminder for an Inspiration Session – time specifically set aside to mentally wander. I look at beautiful photographs. I listen to a TED Talk. I doodle. To be honest, this works for about a month and then I start scheduling over this recurring reminder.


What do you all think? How do you make this a priority so that your marketing is both mindful and creative? Any tips on how to make sure your mind wandering time is truly a mental vacation and not a continued fixation on your To Do list?

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