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1 Post authored by: Ramakrishnan Raghavan

I recently attended the Sales Awareness program in Bangalore, India. The program was for 1.5 days and included some valuable information for the Sales team. One of the presentations was on the competitive landscape which was an eye opener for me. Will Griffith made a wonderful pitch on the product comparisons which explained the differentiating factors of Eloqua. I was able to understand where Eloqua stands among the competitor products like Marketo, Exact Target etc.,


How Modern Marketing Works? Information from that 60+ page presentation will certainly be part of my Eloqua proposals going forward. Thanks to Neil Wilson for a walk though.


Did you know 12 Billion is the # of transaction in Eloqua on a day? None of the competitor products come closer to this !!!


Although we were running out of time towards the end of the day, Integration options made us stick on to our seats. The easiness of native integration will certainly make the sales representative to sell Eloqua. If Eloqua can enable the Siebel OP native integration with Siebel, it will be a dream-come-true for me :-)


Oracle SRM - Every word on Social media matters !! This is something I understood when I looked at the SRM capabilities. We could not cover the integration with Eloqua as we were out of time :-(


My advise to all !! If you get to know about one more Sales Awareness training from Eloqua, Just dont miss it.


Thanks to 1189865 User736382-Oracle User9928160-Oracle & wendi durnin-Oracle for organizing this.

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