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1 Post authored by: ShilpiBhatt-Oracle

Below is the detailed demonstration of the Asset Naming Convention design and workflow:


  1. Create a FORM say “A” in Eloqua with all the necessary fields you need in your Asset Name. For example: Prefix of the asset, Country, Industry, Month, Year, etc.


    2. Add the FORM “A” to the Landing Page say “ONE”.


    3. Create a Landing Page say “TWO” with form field merges, see below snapshot:


4. Add this Landing Page “TWO” to the FORM “A”  with Redirect to webpage processing step and choose the Landing Page “TWO". Don't forget to  choose Update Contacts – With Form Data processing step as this updates the contacts with form data that eventually help in populating field merge, see below snapshot:



5. Test the Landing Page “ONE”, see below outcome when the marketing users fill it. Share the Landing Page “ONE” URL with the marketing users, ask them to bookmark it to use it every time they create a new asset in Eloqua.


I hope this is helpful.

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