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2 Posts authored by: Velu K-Oracle

Few Important Points to attract your target list and make more open rates:


1) Add relevant content and most important titles should be in H1 Tags

2) Check or add Image Alt text's. Don't add higher resolution images in email template.

3) Keep CTA links in Top header section.

4) Avoid Email Id's in header or body section. Better to have it in footer section.

5) Get the Subject line Right

6) Keep Tracking parameters for the CTA link. It will be helpful for the reporting.

Designing an email template requires imaginative coding skills. When building a web page, you can use CSS, HTML5, Javascript, and a myriad of other languages that can be used to create fancy layouts and graphics. When designing email templates, however, you have to take a step back to the proverbial stone age of coding, where basic font and style tags. In this post we will learn about what really works and what doesn’t in HTML email design.


- Use in-line styles


- Create tables


- Avoid embedding videos and forms


- Keep it simple

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