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1 Post authored by: Vickie Le Sellin-Oracle

Lately, I have read a lot of great posts that got me thinking. Marilyn Cox produces content faster than I can spit up my ideas but I will try to match her speed light writing for once! As Modern Marketers, we talk a lot about how to use digital marketing tactics and CRM to manage customer life cycles. We are no longer talking in terms of B2B, B2C or B2G, we have moved to the H2H (Human to Human) age.


One area of high cost for any organization continues to reside in the employee pool. This segment seems somehow largely untapped. How do you take care of your best assets and retain them while keeping the cost down when possible? Marilyn wrote a great article about it here already: How to Drive Financial Services Recruitment Results. I totally agree with her, if you are already profiling your customers, why not apply similar concepts to manage your employee pool? I will take a slightly different approach here because my background is in the healthcare industry and I will only add a few additional suggestions. There are plenty of creative ways to motivate individuals and teams alike. Take it beyond the newsletter, the on-boarding campaign and the sales enablement strategies. It is certainly easier said than done but opportunities are huge. So here are just a couple of ideas:


1 - We agree here, you should develop an employee profile. You don't need to know much initially, but build along the way on their preferences through simple questions/polls/games. For example: Do you own a bike, a kayak, a tennis racket, a golf club, none of the above? What sport to you like best? What languages do you speak? What are your favorite foods?


2 - Reward programs targeting results are not limited to sales. If your organization offers health insurance, there is a huge push to reduce healthcare costs through better health management. The higher the risk of your employee population, the higher the premium, absenteeism, and stress on team members to only mention a few. Knowing your employees, what gets them moving and what gets them engaged in their own health can not only improve employee satisfaction and retention but can significantly impact your bottom line. Even if you don't offer health insurance. While large corporations have access to 3rd party vendors to handle their health and wellness reward programs, smaller organizations need to be proactive in health management and find ways to handle it on their own. So you can leverage your MA with a wide variety of campaigns such as business units fitness contests, health tips, healthy recipes based on profile preferences etc.


3 - Tie your health and wellness programs with charities you support if any. Most employees feel good about helping others. Your customers will love you for it too. Make it social with recognition of teams/individuals on their achievements. It puts a face behind the brand, it makes your organization more approachable.


4 - Tie it with your CRM/ERM and you have the opportunity to measure the impact on your the employee cost over time. It may be a slow process initially, but the benefits can be huge. You can not only help your employees stay or get healthy, but you foster a culture of support, healthy habits, and competitiveness in a fun way.


5 - A little birthday wish is always nice. Send your employees an eCard! Why not include a reminder or 2 of some key health and wellness yearly checkups? Only if they are due for them though: no need to tell a non-smoker to quit, or send a mammo reminder to a 50 yo male employee. You can do the same with work anniversaries.


6 - Measure everything of course. Analyze and modify. Work with your Finance department, HR, Benefits folks to measure results and communicate ROI. Don't be afraid to ask your health insurance providers for ideas. A lot of times, they have tools and messages you can use to make it easier on you.


Bottom line, if you treat your employees as well as you treat your customers, you build a power machine.

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