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Modern Marketing for Higher Education Webcast

Attract and convert constituents into lifelong brand ambassadors using dynamic, responsive and personalized communications.

Join us for a 30-minute information packed webcast:
One Audience, Many Interests:
Personalizing your constituent and alumni experience.


Wednesday December 4th


11am PST | 2pm EST

From Oracle Eloqua and Apex IT



Guest Presenter:
Bryan Hinz,
Vice President, Apex IT

Apex IT is a leader in helping higher education, public sector, and corporate clients use technology to streamline their processes and increase productivity and profitability.

You can have more influence over the opinions and loyalties formed.
It takes implementing the strategies of Modern Marketing;  tactics to help you better captivate your audience based on their interests and concerns moment to moment.

You can make them feel more important, even online.

You have to have a way to anticipate what your audience is interested in and how they are looking for answers. Real time.  We call that reading and reacting to their “Digital Body Language™” and we’d like to show you how.

Why you should give us an hour of your time.
You’ll see how institutions like Harvard, NIU and Devry are tapping the latest automated social and marketing tools, to:

  • Build a loyal student and alumni base
  • Leverage social media to get to the students, alumni, recruits that are relevant to their institutions and take appropriate action.
  • Get accurate measurement and reports regarding engagement programs, events, tours etc.
  • Gauge what is being said about their “brand.”

We look forward to you joining us.

Your Friends at Eloqua

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Modern Marketing for Manufacturing

Featuring Markie Winner Karen Primm of Eaton

Join us for a 30-minute information-packed webcast:
Translating campaigns into revenue, multi-channel engagement, single master control.


Thursday November 21st


11am PST | 2pm EST


Karen Primm,

Manager - Marcom Operations

Join Karen Primm, Manager - Marcom Operations at EATON to learn:


  • How multi-channel, digital marketing works – and the advantages it delivers


  • The benefits of actively monitoring online behaviors to truly know customers and prospects by reading Digital Body Language™


  • How to best leverage the enhanced insights gained through powerful reporting and analytics for continuous improvement and ROI


  • The steps needed to make Modern Marketing part of your organization's DNA






...that more than 60 percent of companies admit that the quality of what they do is held back because they don't have the resources to effectively interpret enterprise data.

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44 percent of the respondents agreed that their campaigns were mostly promotions around their product launches or upgrades.

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