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1 Post authored by: Gabriel Anghelusa

I've been working with Eloqua for 2 years now, started from the the bottomless pit of freelancing as a web developer and somehow got involved in marketing automation. I admit, it has not been such long time, but considering my age and my visions at the time I didn't even dream to reach this level of workflow. At first when I saw the platform I considered clunky and slow, with lots of terms and functions I had no idea were needed.

Slowly I've grown and learned more than I would of been able to do by myself and conventional methods of running a simple campaign. The inbound marketing world is at that exact same point where they realised how much can a tool like this increase their results. And they are very surprised, rustling reactions everywhere it's introduced, but most of all, making companies realize the bargain they are going to get by simply buying an account and training a few people.


It's easy to outsource Eloqua work, training courses are easy to understand and practically everyone with a bit of technical background can be initiated in the dark arts of email marketing. New job offers are popping up everywhere, the employment market is catching up with new CRM/Specialist/Consultant/Developer/Manager jobs, remote or otherwise. What does this mean ?


As we all know, Oracle has certainly been moved by the reaction it started, so much so that they decided to buy the company. All of this is good news nonetheless, but should it be considered great news for the back-end of consumerism ?


I think so.

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