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Are we alone on this journey?


As global marketers know, the EU cookie directive has heated up over the past several months with a "cookie sweep" happening in October. The fear of heavy fines has pushed our IT and marketing teams to huddle and build a solution that will make us compliant in the world of tracking cookies. For the most part, the solution we are building is a custom solution that must work with all external platforms that set cookies, specifically Eloqua.


Eloqua is offering strict mode as their answer/solution but we have run into some major issues with strict mode.


1. The documentation around strict mode in Topliners is very often years old.

2. There is not much conversation about strict mode and/or compliance going on in Topliners, leading me to wonder if anyone else is concerned as we are?

3. There is no good way to test strict mode before deploying to a live website and/or the live instance.

4. As of our recent attempt to enable and test strict mode, strict mode was not functioning as developed and designed. Eloqua support is "working on it."


With deadlines and sweeps looming, our team must keep building but we are building around this big Eloqua hole. Overall, I'm wondering if anyone else is using strict mode or developing a solution for compliance or are we alone on this plagued journey to compliance? 

Hello all,


I manage a global instance of Eloqua and am investigating whether or not to use Strict Mode to comply with the EU privacy laws regarding online tracking. I'm having trouble finding enough detail about Strict Mode on Topliners so perhaps someone here has implemented it and knows first hand.


I'm confused if email tracking falls under the privacy laws and if Strict Mode affects only web tracking or email tracking.


Also, is anyone using double opt-in on form submits? For instance, after someone submits a form and asks to receive additional emails, do you send them to a second form for the double opt-in?


Any learnings that could be shared would be greatly appreciated. Or, if you have experience with Strict Mode and would be willing to chat, I'd appreciate that as well.



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