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Viral Videos & Eloqua

Posted by chris.westerhout Jun 28, 2013

Driving internet traffic to your site is often difficult in the crowded and over advertised world of the internet. To do this is a cost efficient manner is becoming that much more problematic as we often find ourselves competing against much larger or seasoned competitors. However, viral videos have emerged as a key marketing technique that we can use to propel internet traffic without breaking the bank. According to Brian Shin, the CEO of a video analytic service, viral videos share at least two things in common: "discussability" and "relatability." For a video to be discussable he believes it must feature something shocking or surprising, which then compels viewers to share it with others. Likewise, if a video contains something deeply human to which we can relate, we're more likely to share it out. The two factors often go together and can be viewed as a foundation for developing such a project.


This online medium is an ideal asset that can be paired with a marketing automation system such as Eloqua that can report on customer response to the video and then use those analytics to drive traffic through your site

New smart mobile payment platforms have emerged over the past few years making it easy to pay from our smartphones. I found this link with some interesting examples of how to pay online.



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