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Best time to Send Email

Posted by dyan DN Aug 31, 2013



   By Looking this we come to know that how Email activity increasing year by year, so interesting.


Hi All,

Wile do campaigning we are getting leads from Eloqua, if we integrate some statistical language like R, SAS,,,,,in Eloqua so we can easily do the statistical modeling in Eloqua itself and we can easily automate the process. Because of this analysis we can easily get more customers within short time.

Hi Topliners,


How to do mass merge in Sales, suppose Same Email id repeated 10 times then i want to merge it all information at one shot and make it single record. But i tried its only three at a time, please help me out in this.



Hi All Topliners


Eloqua, the marketing system of record for modern marketers, today announced that the Road to Revenue tour will once again make its way across North America, Europe, and APAC, bringing marketers together for an educational event that will both teach and inspire. Due to the increasing popularity of the Road to Revenue tour, Eloqua added several locations for 2013, ensuring more marketers can attend the best practice forums.

Stopping in major cities around the world from Paris to San Francisco to Sydney, Eloqua’s Road to Revenue tour will provide marketers with new ideas on marketing automation and Revenue Performance Management. Throughout the tour, attendees will learn more about the definition of modern marketing and how they can implement modern marketing best practices in their own organizations. Marketers will hear the latest tips and tricks from their Markieaward winning peers. Markie winners will share their success stories as well as how they continually push the marketing limits. Attendees will also hear more about the Eloqua product roadmap including where Eloqua is headed in 2013 and beyond.

Today’s modern marketers are using more digital channels and tools to engage with buyers than ever before.

Next Generation Digital Body Language —


We took on this issue for a client recently, here’s the story:


In SFDC there were duplicate/generic emails across different contact names (like When Eloqua encounters that, as you may know, it selects the email record to keep rather randomly, going by street address order etc.  Not good. This was causing havoc all over with the reps…


So first we grouped email dupes by count (2X dupes, 3X dupes etc.) Then we applied rules based on lead owner, lead history etc. for the email record to keep.


Next we determine which value to keep for each field – for example if one company name was more descriptive, we’d keep that value, even if the record was going to be merged.


Then we merged these in SFDC. So Eloqua campaigns will only see the email record that is deliberately and selectively retained.


Couple of points to consider:

- Determine SFDC or Eloqua to be the system of record.

- Run this periodically depending on your frequency and volume of adding email records.


Good luck!

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