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1 Post authored by: Gary Peterson

In 2010 we ended a relationship with a partner who was selling our iEmployee software in a private-label arrangement. That meant there were now 250 customers “up for grabs” – they could re-sign with our partner, or sign a new contract with us directly. These contracts represented over $1M in revenue, so we decided we needed a comprehensive campaign to ensure our success.


We built a multi-touch campaign that leveraged a microsite with Personalized URLs (PURLs), direct mail, email, automated voice mail messages and telemarketing. The microsite featured videos and downloadable documents to increase awareness of the benefits of signing with us directly.


The campaign began at the beginning of May with an email and postal letter sent to the entire list and directing contacts to the microsite. Throughout that month, we had internal staff calling in to every account to make sure our prospective customers were aware of the impending changes. There were a series of reminder emails in June and July and an automated voice mail drop in June.

We’re thrilled to say that we had an 80% win rate, successfully winning 198 of the 250 deals! We definitely believe that the multi-touch aspect of the campaign was responsible for this success. Looking at our statistics, the emails had good open rates of generally over 30%. Since only about half of the conversions visited the microsite, we’re convinced that the other components of the multi-touch approach – direct calls, automated voice mail drops and direct mail – were essential in capturing 80% of our prospects.


Under different circumstances, we’d love to do an A/B test and hold back a “control group” that only receives one type of message to truly compare the benefits of reaching people from all angles. However, due to the limited time frame – this was essentially a one-time shot at these prospects – and the high dollar value associated with each potential customer, we couldn’t afford to risk losing anyone through a test.

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