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It feels good to be back home in Toronto after an extensive Road to Revenue Tour this year! It was great to bump into old and new Eloqua users all across the west coast over the last few months and hear their reporting successes, desires, interests and pains. I was tasked with presenting the Metrics that Matter session and I want to thank those who had an opportunity to attend and participate in the great discussions. For those that attended my session may recall my anecdote of the custom security guard who drilled me on why I was travelling to the US to present on Marketing metrics as he could not believe that marketing could be measured! Well we have several client examples that prove he was definitely wrong and why this area of marketing is so interesting. I wanted to share some basic 'school yard' tips when you are thinking about marketing metrics and what's important to demonstrate to the rest of your organization. I use these tips when I talk to my clients about their reporting needs and what they hope to derive.


  • Start Small and Keep Focused
    The saying Rome was not built in a day holds true for various aspects of our life, why not for reporting? There is always going to be pressure to demonstrate ROI as quickly as possible, but ensuring that your campaigns are performing adequately, email response is positive and leads are being generated would be examples of where to start and apply focus. To support these initial reporting insights, I recommend using the following reports


     Campaign Analysis:
Metrics 1.png

       Campaign Performance Dashboard:

metrics 2.png

     At the bottom of this report you'll notice Campaign Filters. As a marketer, you can slice your data off of these static campaign fields. They work as select lists that you can setup to reflect your business requirements. Being able to run a report to off of the dashboard that views how your eBook campaigns in EMEA for all products have performed is pretty cool! Again, this data HAS TO BE POPULATED PRIOR TO THE ACTIVATION OF A CAMPAIGN TO BE ACTIONABLE.

metrics 3.png


  • Don't Report for the Sake of Reporting
    We all get caught in this trap of trying to provide a report such that we have one. I will always challenge reporters to ask the question, 'what action am I trying to take with the data from this report?' If this is not readily answered, there is really no point in spending time creating the report. Rather focus on metrics that will demonstrate you are hitting your objectives, provide context to make better decisions and hopefully the report/metric is multi-dimensional, servicing  and aligning to multiple departments and purposes.

  • Benchmark Your Progress
    Eloqua has provided benchmarks that assess your performance against 12 different verticals which is a great starting place, but understanding how your organization is doing on a month to month or quarter by quarter basis is still the best measurement of success. Incremental increases across various metrics are above all, rewarding to your marketing team! Eloqua also provides a  great benchmark workbook for you to start off with! I highly recommend going through this internally and with your respective success coach or marketing advisor.

  • Closed Loop Reporting Goes Beyond Technology
    Having a CRM system and Eloqua is a critical part of closed loop reporting but to make this work, you need to ensure that there is an agreed upon process in place. Closed Loop Reporting requires both marketing and sales to 'beat the same drum' and ensure that all parties are clear on what is expected from one another. Marketers must be consistent with using CRM campaigns and campaign codes. Sales must help close the loop by correctly associating campaign to opportunity. Once this happens, you are that much closer to marketing nirvana!


The message I tried to echo at the Tours was that marketers are not alone in this quest - I'd love to hear on any other tips or  your GO TO reports to support your marketing efforts. I'll look to continue to share some of my favourite reports as well!

Meet Michael McKinnon, Senior Demand Generation Manager at READYTALK


What’s your favorite part about being a marketer or about the discipline of marketing?

I have really enjoyed the new wave of marketing that has us becoming more technical and process oriented. I truly enjoyed this post as it really gets into the mind of the marketer. I am process and metric driven so I really hit my stride when marketing automation burst onto the scene. I felt like I had finally found what I was missing in my earlier roles. Optimizing our internal processes for lead management, analyzing funnel metrics and driving incremental improvements to generate a better lead for our sales team is what I enjoy most.


What steps led you to your role today?

My background was in agency work for several years. I jumped around from market research, PR and branding agencies. It gave me a well rounded background in the different areas of the discipline. I eventually learned that I would rather work for a company as I found the work more fulfilling and at the same time I realized that I wanted to work for a tech company as it filled the “inner geek” in me. I wanted to be in a constantly changing environment where learning was always happening. I spent some time as Business Development for a company that developed its own biological imaging software and then transitioned to ReadyTalk (where I am now). I headed up our social media initiatives for a bit and then transitioned to managing our demand generation activities where I have been for the past 3 years.


Where do you go for inspiration and new ideas?

I look a lot to books and blogs of industry leaders. Brian Carrol’s “Lead Generation for the Complex Sale” started me on my way when I read it back in 06. I still visit his blog frequently for ideas and know-how. Recently, I enjoyed Ardath Albee’s book “eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale”. Seth Godin is always good for a new way at looking at old problems as well. My inspiration comes from outside sources and my ideas are generated from a desire to apply my inspiration in some kind of practical way to ReadyTalk.


Have you seen a great marketing campaign recently that really blew you away?

I really like the Southwest “We Love Denver” campaigns. Obviously, since it is local but also because they have done some really unique things with it. They have sponsored pedicabs during the Rockie’s Games. They have taken a park in Denver, Skyline Park and are sponsoring movies all throughout the summer.  The TV ads they shot are in unique locations all throughout Denver with Southwest Airline employees in them. I like the way SW airlines has focused upon a market they have deemed strategic and developed creative ways to tap that market.


What’s your favorite thing about Eloqua (either the product or the company)?

As a product, its flexibility is great. There is always a way to do something (most of the times several ways). As a company, I love their thought leadership in the areas of marketing operations. I especially love how they are willing to share their ideas from top on down. Everyone I know and have talked to at Eloqua has been extremely willing to share their insight and knowledge to a high degree of detail to help me be more successful.


Can you share one thing on your ‘bucket list’?

To climb something in the Ruth Gorge of Alaska. Ideally The Eye Tooth

Meet Cyrus Molavi, Marketing Analyst and Automation Specialist at TERAPEAK


What’s your favorite part about being a marketer or about the discipline of marketing?

What I like about marketing is that it's in transition--it's becoming more about speaking to the right people, at the right time, in the right way, and then measuring your success. To me, it no longer means buying media time and presenting your products in a way an average person might appreciate. It's now about reaching the long tail--speaking directly to a person's situation at a certain point in time, and keeping them interested by providing the information they want to hear. What really gets me going is the data that is now created from these new marketing actions, and all of the insights and improvements you can make from using these metrics.


What steps led you to your role today?

Studying business at university, I was taught to make many processes automatic, and to move from ad hoc action towards routinized effort. Marketing Automation appealed to this training, and my natural tendency to make decisions supported by data-driven facts made it easy for me to adopt. Eloqua tends to attract product evangelists, so it's not surprising that our Director of Marketing was the one who introduced it to me, and made the case for how it could help our business.


Where do you go for inspiration and new ideas?

I follow content created by a number of professional thought leaders such as Eloqua's Steven Woods, Joel York of as well as other marketing blogs, but some of my most salient ideas come from analyzing our marketing program results, and gleaning ideas when segmenting our contact database. If the audience responds (or could respond) very well to a certain tactic, that's inspiring, and it tends to give birth to even more ideas.


Have you seen a great marketing campaign recently that really blew you away?

What consistently blows me away is the amount of free press and advertising that Twitter and Facebook receive on a regular basis. It's been at the point for a while now where they will get a plug in the middle of an expensive TV spot for a completely unrelated product--"Join us on Facebook," and the like. Granted, it's not a marketing campaign, but it is a great demonstration of word-of-mouth marketing (taken to a corporate level.) French regulators certainly impressed me when they turned this observation into a news restriction, but I'm surprised we haven't made our marketing calls-to-action de-branded. We never used to say "Google us!", did we?


What’s your favorite thing about Eloqua (either the product or the company)?

I love how I can now access and analyze our contact database without the use of developer time or resources. This has been especially valuable for us. Combine that with collateral creation, automated programs, and web profiling, and I'm a pretty happy user.


Can you share one thing on your ‘bucket list’?

I enjoy wilderness journeys--having done many hiking and canoeing trips in the past. What I'd like to do someday is combine my outdoor experience with the rock-climbing skills I've learned over the last couple years into a full-fledged mountain climb. I want to go from valley to peak in a day or two using what I've learned to get me through.

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