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1 Post authored by: Jesse Noyes

I just got back from the Eloqua Customer Success Tour dates in San Francisco and Seattle. It was a whirlwind of marketing talk, success stories and learning. There were presentations by big and small businesses, rookies as well as veterans.


On the surface, marketing automation can appear a little wonky. But the enthusiasm and involvement of customers was not centered just around a nerdy obsession for lead scoring tools, but using technology to design, develop and deliver creative campaigns – to let their imagination run rampant. With that in mind, here are my three key takeaways from my visits to the Customer Success Tour stops in San Francisco and Seattle.


Customers employing the full functionality of Eloqua get more out of it. If you spend $400 on a tool set and only use the hammer, you’re probably not getting the most out of your purchase. It’s the same for marketing automation. For those new to Eloqua, there’s a lot to learn, and at times I think folks can find it overwhelming. But on this tour customers from Taleo and Avid showed how using Eloqua for lead management, and targeting and segmentation generates real results. Luckily for us, Eloqua experts are eager to share their experiences with newer users, both on the tour and here on Topliners.


There’s a lot of excitement around Cloud Connectors. Eloqua Chief Technology Officer, Steven Woods, was like a rock star in San Francisco. Steven was chatting with customers about the Cloud Connectors initiative, which is an effort to seamlessly synch Eloqua with other third-party vendors such as WebEx and Jigsaw. It’s a “game changer” one attendee in Seattle said. People are really excited about this ability and are eagerly awaiting updates. More are forthcoming so stay tuned.


Customers want to know how Eloquans uses Eloqua. The old Hair Club for Men adage: “I’m not only the president. I’m also a client.”

Customers of Eloqua are intensely interested in how the company employs its own product. Chris Petko, Director of Marketing Operations at Eloqua, gave a presentation on how the company uses its solutions to normalize data and drive revenue performance by making decisions based on advanced analytics. Customers had a lot of questions for Chris – from the particular data the company collects to how customers can implement some of the same techniques. It just goes to show that there’s no better proof of genuine trust in your product than demonstrating that you actually use the product.



Customer Success Tour might be stopping at a city near you. Check here for dates. Have you attended a Tour event? What did you get out of it? What questions did you ask?

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