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Sent and email inviting contacts to Visit the website which request them to fill out the Form which for brochures. The trick to this was "What happens when you request more than one brochure?"

We created a set of conditional rules: if just one brochure was chosen the person submitting the Form received the specific brochure. If they chose more than one they received an email which re-directed to a landing page which had all of the re-direct links to the specific brochures. I was impressed. Thank you eloqua support team and Topliners. Please feel free to comment, LIKE and or Share.

My content developer sent a poor example of HTML to be an uploaded email. In the Eloqua email template everything looked normal and fine - however when sending to Outlook 2007 the main text was not positioning properly. Knowing that many companies use Outlook as a primary Email service we needed to get this fix. Trial after trial after trial with no resolve - then I read the instruction to open the HTML up in Word and make the appropriate changes and then save the Word doc as HTML. Copy only the section of code needed and then paste it in place of the HTML coded section of the original email uploaded in Eloqua and SAVE. Test send to and OUTLOOK to verify. I hope this was helpful.......additional insight as to why this worked is because both Word and Outlook are Microsoft

Wow - what a tool this eloqua is - I know I am only scratching the surface with simple campaign setup and email and contacts yada yada yada - I am concerned on a number of levels that our contacts could be better managed when uploading - i.e. is only the email important to connect or is it best to associate all possible fields? Have a great day - p.s. just got a new badge for posting this my first post - thanks if you reply.....

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