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Hi again Eloquans,


Another webcast with an Eloqua user is taking place next week. All details below.



How do you reacquaint yourself with someone you once tried to date? You might offer that person something interesting about yourself that re-engages them in a conversation or ask them a question to get the conversation flowing again. In business a little "online flirting" offers your potential customers a way to get to know your company again if they weren’t quite ready to date you first time around.


Your marketing content is the way to resume that first conversation. As that conversation progresses you can profile your customer using advanced segmentation. A "re-engagement program" is a way to get to know your customers better.


If this all sounds a little complicated – join us for a case study "How to Use Content Marketing and Segmentation to Re-engage a dormant database" with Renee Himelhoch Chemel of ECI Telecom. During our session she’ll be sharing with us the methods she has found to be most effective for re-engaging with contacts who are just not that into you anymore!


Renee Himelhoch Chemel is a marketing automation and lead-gen advocate with a passion for driving high quality leads to the sales organization. As part of the centralized Corporate Marketing team at ECI Telecom, she is responsible for prospect and customer engagement. With almost two decades of high-tech B2B marketing and communications experience, Renee is a true believer in face-to-face marketing for the complex sales cycle.


Date: 14th March (10am GMT/ 11 am CET)    



Hashtag: #markops    

"Attention is the new currency" - The rise of video in b2b marketing - That was one of the key takeways from yesterday's (Oct 6th) EMEA Sirius Decisions conference and a great presentation from Amanda Jobbins, Cisco's new VP of Global Partner Marketing. The appeal of video as a medium for communicating with customers and prospects is expanding.




This is a one of the reasons why I'm hosting a webcast with Cliff Pollen CEO of Visible Gains on 12th Oct 1pm GMT. Visible Gains knows a thing or two about selling using video and they are launching a new sales enablement tool that integrated nicely with ELOQUA. Join us if you'd like a closer look.



Here is the the link

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