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1 Post authored by: Jon Spenceley

I saw this email come in from Eloqua on Friday, and was blown away by the level of personalization. I shared it around the office, and we were all pretty impressed:

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.07.34 AM.png


First off, it's a great image with a lot of personality, but here are the details that resonated with me:


1. Names on the t-shirts. This felt like a really extra-special touch. The imagery makes me feel like Eloqua is our trusty sidekick as we throw our capes on, and dive into adventure. And really, that's a pretty great message to convey.


2. The headline "Making Sales & Marketing BFFs since 1999." We've adopted a strategy at Vidyard that Sales & Marketing work hand in hand, so this kind of messaging is spot-on.


Kudos to the Eloqua team for a fantastic, personalized email that was worth sharing with the rest of my team!


Has anyone else had a really great, targeted email resonate with them lately? Would love to hear stories of what's worked for you!

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