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1 Post authored by: krista.seidemann

We recently launched a new campaign aimed at getting new testimonials to use in our marketing efforts, mainly video testimonials. The campaign was to give out free cameras to the first 50 customers that shared a written testimonial, then ask those customers to record their testimonial and send it in for a chance to win one of 5 iPads. When we sent out the first email promoting the campaign, we were overwhelmed by the response we received. Within 20 minutes, we had already received our first 50 written testimonials and they were still flooding in. We had to turn on a auto-reply email letting customers know that the cameras were gone, but we still gave everyone who entered a $5 Starbucks gift card to say thanks.


We did several more pushes promoting the contest, and even though we told everyone the cameras were already gone, they still responded with their written testimonials. To date we have received 180 new written testimonials from happy customers!


What we had not counted on was the lack of response to the video portion of the campaign. Out of the 180 written testimonials, we have only received 8 video testimonials. We even called everyone who received a free camera in a vein attempt to guilt them into recording their testimonial.


Despite the lackluster response of video testimonials, this campaign was a great success. We now have a brand new database of awesome testimonials to pull from in our marketing campaign. Not to mention we found out that one of our customers is a video production company, and their video testimonial is AMAZING!


My conclusion, your customers are your biggest cheerleaders - so ask them to rate, review or give a testimonial and they will respond.

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